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VeganMoFo: We kick Food Network ASS.

There were a lot of awesome entries for the apple and ginger challenge.  Then again, how could there not be?  Apples and ginger go hand in hand.  They were meant to be.  Like Romeo and Juliet.  Abbot and Costello.  LOL and cats.  An overinflated sense of entitlement and americans.  I could do this all day.  Onto the entries!

Amanda wins in the ‘holy crap that was fast’ category (seriously, she is like some kind of vegan robot) with a Carrot Apple Ginger Curry Soup.

Tami came out swinging with some Ginger Seitan Apple Pierogies with Brandied Onions.

For those of you that prefer to drink your lunch, Zac has an Apple Ginger Rum drink for you.

I know I said that there wouldn’t a winner, but Michelle wins because donuts always win, like the Helen Keller card in Apples to Apples.

Liz (who wins in the ‘best rhyming food blog title’ category) made a nice Ginger Honeycrisp Sorbet for those of you who are still longing for the days of summer.

Karyn kept it simple but awesome with Candied Ginger Apples.

Georgia made a Vegan Mulligatawny, and employed my mantra of ‘when in doubt of what to make, google’.  I do that all the time when I have two things that i’m not sure how to put them together.

Becca reminds us that good food need not be beautiful with her Ginger Apple Turnovers.

Heather made a quinoa breakfast dish.  Protein is delicious!

Paula decided to use her semi-circular powers for something more whole, and made baked apples.  Why don’t I own a GT Express yet?

Jodie made some amazing looking Apple-Ginger Autumn Rolls with Sweet and Smoky Tofu.

Chessa made what looks like a perfect holiday dish, Cheezy Apple Gratin With Ginger Cream Sauce.

Kittee keeps it fresh and clean with her Apple Salad with Applemint and Candied Ginger.

Jay hit us from both sides, with a tofu dish and waffles!  The tofu dish with apple ginger sauce wins the ‘most likely that Katie would make it herself’ award.

And what did I make?  Honestly, I was stumped for a good bit.  Like I said, I didn’t want to make anything sweet about obvious like pancakes or muffins.  I thought about making apple ginger seitan sausages, but I thought someone else might’ve had that idea so I passed.  I finally settled on…

Apple Ginger Potato Pancakes!

I just made them this morning, it was slow going because I had to grate everything by hand (stupid food processor bowl is broken).  Then when I went to get out my applesauce to eat with the pancakes, I found out that I didn’t have any left.  Sad panda.  How did they taste?  Well, they were okay but I think I can see how to improve them so instead of posting a half-assed recipe, i’d like to make them again with some tweaks and post the recipe maybe next week.

So there you have it!  If you made something but didn’t get it up in time for the post, feel free to leave a link in the comments.  I think that we came up with some awesome and creative ideas.  As for next week, I don’t know if i’m going to pick again or let someone else pick, but we are doing the time frame a little different because several people didn’t like it.  Instead of it being announced on Friday night and due at noon on Sunday, it’ll be announced on Saturday and the deadline will be Sunday evening.  So if you want to participate again, try to plan your trip to the grocery store for that time.


posted: 08 October 5
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  • Whoa, those look great! I was also thinking apple ginger seitan sausages, mostly because I never got around to making VWAM’s apple sage sausages but think about them constantly. Now I want apple potato pancakes!

  • Jay

    Those apple potato pancakes look really good! Very creative!

  • So many recipes to make!

    I make a mean potato pancake – I love the idea of adding apples and ginger, though!

    And I also love Heather’s idea of making VWAM’s sausages with ginger instead of sage. A nice breakfast sausage.

  • Helen Keller always wins. And Bangkok.

    But, more pertaining to this MoFo fest, I love that the blogosphere can’t enough challenges – it’s so fun to see what everyone comes up with. All the food looks great!

  • I forgot to let you know I participated. I made Gingered Jezebel Sauce, which may be similar to what Jay made.

    Fun and so many great entries!

  • Isa

    Hot damn I am so impressed with all the entries!

  • That looks so good! And, thanks for posting all the other ones as well. I just got a whole lota apples and now some great ideas!

  • Katie, what an awesome idea! Those look great.

  • Haha, I actually used the Helen Keller card in a rousing game of Apples to Apples last weekend, I kid you not!

    I can’t wait for your recipe!

  • those apple ginger potato pancakes look good regardless! hope you get the recipe worked out soon 😀

  • bex

    I think we need our own network, there is obviously an audience.

  • So, I totally rushed to get my post in under the wire and forgot to comment on your challenge post that I did it. The challenge was super fun! I veganized a Chicken Pot Pie recipe that included apples and ginger. I even cut Iron Chef into the first pie crust I ever made! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Mommy

    Ohhh!!! Sad panda… I get it! Will you fix me some of those when I come visit????

  • Hahahaha, your apples to apples comparison made me laugh. I was playing recently with some people of Mexican decent, and I got the Cesar Chavez card. It was a rousing win.

    Awesome contest! In the craziness that is my life I completely forgot about Veganmofo until today, I’m gonna try to join in.

  • I finally uploaded photos (sorry I am such a slacker).
    Apple Ginger Tempeh Rubens and orange apple salad with ginger lime dressing(RAW).

  • Dang, I see a whole lot of recipes I want to try now.

  • I always find about these things way to late. maybe its a sign i need to finally make nice with google reader.


    I made acorn squash and apple soup.

    I’ve also made apple crisp muffins in the past that have apple and ginger — its a great combo


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