» Iron Chef #4! Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk!

Iron Chef #4!

This week I decided to take a cue from kittee, and not go with a specific ingredient.  So with that in mind this weeks theme is…


I’m just really selfish and want to make stuffing, okay?  I think this one can be pretty broadly interpretted, because we all know that there are a lot of things you can stuff a lot of different ways.  Stuffing a bunch of random things in your mouth and taking a picture doesn’t count, though.

Once again, i’ll start putting my post together at 8 pm CST on Sunday.

Allez Végétalien Cuisine!

Edit:  I decided to let this go until morning since I didn’t get a whole lot of responses by the deadline.

posted: 08 October 25
under: veganmofo

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