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Iron Chef: Day of the Dead.

If you weren’t aware, the first two days of Novemeber are when a lot of people celebrate the Day of the Dead.  It’s just a day to take time to remember those who have left us, really you can read the wikipedia page if you want to know all about it.  Anyway, one of the ways of celebrating is by making a dish that your deceased loved one enjoyed!  So that’s the challenge.  Make or veganize a favorite dish of someone you’ve lost.

Now, if you’re like me and can’t think of anything, you can always use someone famous, like Elvis with his fried peanut butter banana sandwiches.  Fun fact:  I have been to a birthday party for Elvis.  Even though I think his music pretty well sucks.  Hey, free food.

My great-grandmother made angel food cake, and we all know that ain’t happening without egg whites so i’m going to have to go the famous person route.  Or I could just make oatmeal and sniff coffee because that’s what my grandma’s house smelled like in the mornings.

I don’t want to discourage people from participating due to lack of time, so everyone has until whenever I feel like blogging on Monday.  Good luck!

Allez Végétalien Cuisine!

posted: 08 November 1
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12 Responses to “Iron Chef: Day of the Dead.”

  1. Jenn says:

    What an interesting challenge. I’m going to try to veganize one of my Dad’s favorite dishes. I will be making the chicken style seitan cutlets from the Yellow Rose Recipes with red sauce.

  2. Amey says:

    I will totally do it. My grandmother died just about 1 year ago, so she has been on my mind a lot lately. And in fact, I just made a big batch of applesauce, which was one of her favorites. But I’ll think of something else too. Such a nice idea.

  3. Monique says:

    Ooh. I like this idea a lot.

  4. bex says:

    I like this idea too. I don’t really have time to do this until Monday night, Tuesday the earliest. Oddly this is something I’ve been thinking about recently. I can’t wait to read what people have made.

  5. Becca says:

    I hope I can get my entry in before the urge to blog hits you today. It’s coming.

  6. I am incredibly late, but it was a cool idea so I did it anyway.


    It’s cinnamon swirl french toast.

  7. Dynah says:

    Here I am, late as hell, but when I finally got around to doing this it was a wonderful experience! Great challenge idea.


  8. hello all! i was actually visiting mexico city for the day of the dead this year, and i was very excited to see almost all the street food was vegan!

    the festivities follow their vegetable harvest, so there were many vendors selling fresh veggies with lime and chili powder, or fresh fruits. then the popcorn is made without butter, and is usually served with hot sauce, (which i denied!) and the corn on the cob was grilled & served with lime and chili also!

    i am not a honey-eating vegan, but if i was, i would have been sucking down some of the sugar skulls and dead treats as well.

    have fun with your contest!

  9. Incredible….this is a handy online site.

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