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40 Days

Okay so, i’m not Catholic. I’m not anything as far as religion goes. But when someone brought up Lent on the ppk, I figured, why not participate? No one is perfect, we could all use some improvement. And giving up things and learning to work around them builds character. Puts hair on your chest. All that good stuff.

So, I have decided to go 40 days without sugar or gluten. I have a bottle of agave nectar and a bag of spelt flour to get me through  ( iwas just informed that spelt is NOT gluten free). I think the biggest challenge will be not using condiments like ketchup and bbq sauce. I already gathered up the pantry items and hid them away in a box, but I think i’m going to have to empty out a drawer in the fridge just so I can hide the condiments, so I don’t forget and try to drink a bottle of syrup.

I decided to do sugar and gluten together because if I just cut out sugar, i’ll just overload on carbs, and vice versa. If anyone has any links for me to read, or recipes that are gluten free, that’d be great. I see a lot of baked tofu in my future. I’m going to see if I can find a gluten free cereal around here. I’m debating if I should include oats or not, I know they get contaminated by wheat a lot even if there’s no actual gluten in the oats themselves. For breakfast I had leftover tofu scramble and brown rice, and now i’m eating some blueberries that are absolutely terrible, which is what I get for eating something that’s so out-of-season.

Ill see you soon!

I'll see you soon!

posted: 09 February 25
under: food, gluten free

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