» My blogging muscles are flaccid. Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk!

My blogging muscles are flaccid.

I thought i’d ease myself in by telling you that if you buy something from Herbivore today, they’ll donate a percentage to Ride to the Light, which is a bicycle ride to benefit farm sanctuaries.  Josh did something similiar not too long ago, where he rode 600 miles on his bike just to raise money for farm animals (and hopefully a hemorrhoid pillow for himself).

Farm Sanctuary really is one of the best charities you can give to, so if you don’t need a shirt or a button, please give directly to the ride on the page I linked above.

I wrote some blog posts last month and saved them, but then my computer crashed and I forgot about them until I logged in just now, so i’m going to set it up so they all go up this week so there will be posts about real stuff soon!

posted: 09 September 16
under: animals, elsewhere on the internet

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