» ‘Tis the season to be…fall-y? Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk!

‘Tis the season to be…fall-y?

Fall is finally here!  The weather in Tennessee turned on a dime, we went from not being able to sleep without air conditioning on to Brian complaining how cold it is with the windows open.  Someone doesn’t like to wear toe socks and hoodies as much as I do, apparently.

Things that I love about fall:

  • t.v. starts back up!  Brian bought this program, PlayOn, that lets us watch hulu through our Xbox, which makes our decision to not have cable anymore even easier.  The only stuff I have to watch on my computer are trashy VH1 shows and CW shows (Gossip Girl and Supernatural), and that just means I have to watch them all snuggly in bed.  Oh noes.  P.S.  Glee is the greatest thing to happen to t.v. in a long time and I really hope you’re watching it.
  • Hoodies and colorful knee socks.
  • Bubble baths!
  • Warming the house via the oven = more cookies for me.
  • Hopefully my CSA will quit loading me down with fucking lettuce and hook me up with some sweet potatoes or regular potatoes.
  • Pumpkin EVERYTHING.
  • Watching as many horror movies as I can stomach.
  • My birthday and Halloween in the same week, although at this point in my life I care more about Halloween.
  • Brian is my own personal space heater at night.

Also, VeganMoFo starts in…1.5 hours!  I made a joke banner that no one find funny but me because most people either haven’t seen Halloween III or have blocked it from their memories, but if you’re the exception to that rule feel free to use it:

Bonus points if you can find Bonny in that photo!

posted: 09 September 30
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