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Thanksgiving in July.

My first MoFo post is late thanks to a lost dog who ate half of my dog cookies, slobbered all over me, and is now spending the night in my back yard because while she is microchipped, her owners didn’t actually register her.  This means I have to take our dogs out front to pee and she’s probably back there chewing on the water bowl, but if my dog went missing i’d like to think that someone would keep them safe until they could track me down.  The upside is that since I didn’t blog for three months I have plenty of material to pull up without a lot of effort!

Sometime back in June, I decided I was going to have Thanksgiving for the 4th of July.  Because Thanksgiving is awesome and I don’t care about drinking beer or blowing shit up (I like sparkles though, they’re shiny).  And I reeeeeeally wanted stuffing.  No one was there but Brian and I, which means I got to spend my day casually putting things together and no one was yelling at me and I didn’t have to huff turkey fumes or threaten to kill everyone with the electric knife.

One of the most exciting parts was that I FINALLY got to make my own tofurkey.  Brian is in love with the one you can buy, me…eh.  I don’t like the stuffing that much and they hardly give you any.  I always offer to make us something myself and he gets this sad look in his eyes like I just told him about the end of Old Yeller.  But since no one is selling tofurkey roasts in July, I made Bryanna Clark Grogan’s Seitan Turkey, which I rolled out and filled with cornbread cranberry stuffing.

Beside the tofurkey, I stuck to pretty simple things (not that the tofurkey was hard to make),  We had extra stuffing on the side, sweet potatoes for me and regular potatoes for my hater husband, and green beans with mushrooms.  The roast was amazing and Brian agreed that we can have it for Thanksgiving and save ourselves about $15.

And then for dessert, I went with boring old pumpkin pie, made much less boring by sprinkling some Dandies marshmallows on top.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am now hella hungry.  I think I still have some of the cornbread stuffing mix in the pantry…

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  • Cornbread cranberry stuffing? That sounds amazing!

    Sorry to hear about your temporary backyard take over, hopefully you’ll be able to find the dog momma soon.

  • that roast looks wonderful! screw tofurkey

  • I hope you find the puppy’s parents soon! They must be frantic with worry that they are missing!

    That homemade tofurkey roast looks awesome! We don’t have Tofurkey here, though Sanitarium does make a vegan roast you can buy, but I love making homemade ones!

  • Boring pumpkin pie? It looks gorgeous.

  • Woah marshmallow pumpkin pie – that’s pretty rad!!

    I’m planning on making that seitan turkey for thanksgiving this year … I have to have Thanksgiving even though we’re in the UK because otherwise all the talk about it on the PPK makes me too jealous!

  • Wow. Your roast looks amazing. Kudos to you for making your own. And…how can anyone hate sweet potatoes?

  • Everything looks gorgeous! I love Bryanna’s roast so much and it has become my go-to holiday meal. Those melty dandies over pumpkin pie…rawrr.

  • bex

    Anytime is a good time for T-giving!! It looks gorgeous dahling

  • Thanksgiving anytime sounds great. I love your stuffed seitan!

  • megan

    Now I am starving. I hate you a little.

    I make brian mccarthy’s seitan turkey and it is always delish. I will have to try this recipe!

  • Lovely! I need to start testing recipes for Thanksgiving, and that roast looks like the perfect place to start.

  • A-K

    I often have desires for Thanksgiving food at utterly un-Thanksgiving moments, but usually it’s too hot to follow through with it. That all looks delicious!

  • Wow… can’t get over that roast!

  • The roaaaast. I’ve been itching to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for some time, but of course have to wait until I actually have that weekend off to do so… but you just made my day with this meal.

  • Mo

    This is too, too funny! I’ve always wanted to try that recipe and have it saved somewhere. I’ll definitely try it now.

  • Damn, I might have to make a seitan turkey roll!

  • Andria

    I want that seitan turkey roll for day-after-Thanksgiving Dinner!! Cornbread stuffing…mmmmmm. If you are planning on making that same whole meal we like everything except mushrooms…sorry…don’t hate. We can pick them out if you and Brian love them. What do you want me to make and bring? A pie or something for dessert? Another puppy missing an eye? (Not to eat, obviously.)