» What’s your most memorable kitchen injury? Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk!

What’s your most memorable kitchen injury?

Mine is very fresh in my memory since it just happened ten minutes ago.

I got my nipple caught in the waffle iron*.

Top that.

Also, don’t forget to wear a bra when putting small appliances away.

*Luckily, it was unplugged.  It still hurt a lot, though!

posted: 09 October 4
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  • Eve

    Auuuugh! That is all. 🙁

  • megan

    hahahaha. did it leave a mark?

  • best mofo post ever.

  • Yeah, you win. (Next to that, the time I burnt my armpit with a cookie sheet doesn’t seem worthy of mention!)

  • KT

    Holy hell! Is it pierced or something?! My worst was burning my hand on oven coils – but, nipples? *wince*

  • Mo

    I really shouldn’t laugh, but this gave me a giggle (after I read that it wasn’t on).

  • my friend Beth once burned her boob while baking nekkid. I don’t have anything near as epic. I did burn the inside of my wrist once on accident. I had to bandage it up with gauze so it looked like I tried to slit my wrist.

  • That is dangerous! I was trying to get the pit out of an avocado with a knife. You know, how you are supposed to get the knife wedged into the pit and then twist it out. In the process of twisting it I cut my thumb and it started gushing. I passed out and my spouse was there to catch me. When I woke up I was on the floor in the den with my feet up. Strangely my head hurt, and that is when my spouse announced that he accidently dropped me on the way to the den! Needless to say we are still together and I have never again used a knife to pit an avocado.

  • bex

    you win. I’ve cut myself a few times (once breaking a glass in my hand) which caused general dizziness but nothing anywhere near as entertaining.

  • I had to get stitches in my finger once from pitting a peach with my huge chef knife.

    but seriously, nothing can top waffle-nipple-clamps!

  • Nipple!?!?!?!?!

    ugh. Mine hurt just thinking about it.

    I have no bad injuries. Little burns here and there.

    But nothing like a nipple injury! Ah!!!!!!

  • I burned the back of my hand/fingers on the oven element when taking out some cookies from my mom’s oven. OMG so painful.

  • A-K

    If I’d had anything in my mouth at the moment I read that, it would be all over my laptop. I’m really glad it wasn’t plugged in!

  • I was making dinner whilst raging and venting, sliced my fingers while cutting carrots, and started cleaning up the blood. Alas, I promptly fainted the next time someone came into the kitchen to ask what I was doing.

    Yours’ is quite a winner, though 😉

  • Ow! That must have sucked!

    I once spilled boiling water on my boobs – no more topless cooking for me!

  • Ha ha. Oh dear. Ha ha. Ouch.

  • Ummm… ouch! But a little bit hee.

  • amanda

    um, ow?! but seriously, what is with all the cooking nekked? OF course I don’t cook dressed… 🙂

  • Why does everyone assume I was naked? I was wearing a shirt, just no bra!

  • OOF! Mine is the cut off knuckle, of course.

  • amanda

    I didn’t say YOU were nekked, but several other people on her were!!

  • amanda

    ps. i can’t type.

  • Sal

    oh shit, oww!! thank god it wasn’t on!

    mine was chopping off a big hunk of my thumb on a mandolin.

  • Tae

    oh sal, i did that to my pinky – slicing mushrooms without the guard because i’m hardcore like that.

    when i read about the nipple thing i hugged my chest without even realising. aaaaaaaaaaow.

  • I laughed out loud at this one! There are so many crazy kitchen injuries in the years I’ve been cooking, it’s hard to pick the worst. I’m sure it wouldn’t hold a candle to this. Thanks for the giggle!

  • Rita

    Burned the back of my hand cooking polenta once. A big, thick splat of it landed on my hand & burned badly enough that a scab wouldn’t form for weeks. Just kept oozing. Pain was so bad I had to take painkillers at night to sleep. It looked just like someone put their cigarette out on my hand.