» Finally, all of my stage momming has paid off! Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk!

Finally, all of my stage momming has paid off!

I’ve been waiting for this day for a very long time.  I always knew that Bonny was a star, and now the whole world knows!

I didn’t test for Isa and Terry’s cookie book, for weight reasons, but when she said she was going to put tester photos in the back, Melisser and I begged to be able to submit photos of our dogs.  If you’ve never seen a picture of Strummer, this is really the only one you need to look at.  All we had to do was take their picture with some cookies.  Easier said than done!  I made a batch of the Chocolate Chip Mint Icebox cookies, gave Bonny a bath, and told her to be her cutest.  In my defense, I had done something similar with Chester a few years ago…

…and it was all I could do to keep him from eating the cookies, so I was honestly surprised when Bonny’s reaction, was, well…

Sometimes, if Bonny can tell you want her to do something but she doesn’t understand what, she gets upset.  So she just stood there and shook and looked really unhappy.  I tried having her sit in Brian’s lap, but no.  Also, Bonny isn’t that into people food and we don’t feed it to the dogs hardly ever, so she had no reason to think those cookies were for her.  To be clear, I wasn’t trying to get her to eat them, I just wanted a picture of her sniffing them.  I would never feed a cookie to my dog, even without chocolate!  So finally, I broke up a dog cookie, hid it under the top cookie, and snapped away as she sniffed and ate those.  You can see the dog cookie a little bit in this last picture.

Also, I obviously totally bailed on MoFo this year.  Personal issues have kept me from eating much outside of oatmeal and cereal (the plus side to the depression diet has been losing ten pounds), and from wanting to blog a lot.  I don’t see that changing until after the holidays are over, when we’ll be moving out of this miserable cesspool.  The only interesting thing i’ve made all month is Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls for a friends birthday.

posted: 09 October 31
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