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Summer lovin’.

Despite my predictions that I would be totally miserable by now because of the heat, I am still managing to enjoy my summer!

Tofu, kale, and peaches stir fried in teriyaki sauce, with couscous.  I’m not big on leafy greens, but the sweetness of the peaches completely covers up any bitter taste.  Thank you, Farmer’s Market!  It’s too hot to cook brown rice.

Making hula hoops and learning tricks.  I’m clumsy, awkward, and not very good, but i’m having fun!

Taking photos of cats at the local shelter for Pet Finder,  which is just as awesome and rewarding as it is tedious.  It’s hard to get some cats to even look at you, let alone look alert and/or happy!  This is Mouth (her real name is Isabelle, but whatev).  She’s one of my favorites.

posted: 10 July 21
under: animals, food, life, pictures

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