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Target ain’t people.

Most of you have probably seen this amazing video but if not:

I don’t have a lot of money, but when I do need clothes or household goods, I usually go to Target.  I already don’t shop at Walmart so i’m kind of running out of big box stores, but I don’t care.  I’m not going to give Target my money so they can pass it on to homophobic politicians.  I do the shopping for my office for snacks and cleaning supplies at Target too, so they also won’t be getting my boss’ money (at least not through me).

A lot of people think that things like refusing to shop at a huge store like Target is pointless, because there are millions of other people who don’t know and/or care about things like companies trying to swing elections in their favors.  One person surely can’t make a difference.  But many individuals can, and that’s why Target lost 1.3 billion in stock market value within days of their donation being brought to public attention.

It really isn’t that hard to boycott a store, even if you go there a lot, even if it’s the only mega-store in your town.  Target doesn’t sell very many unique products, you can get school supplies and groceries and movies and underwear from many other places.  You will not suffer from not shopping at Target for awhile.  If you just don’t care enough about anything besides your own convenience, well then, there’s probably no convincing you otherwise.


posted: 10 September 4
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  • If there was Target here I’d totally add it to the list of store’s I boycott! Top of my boycott list are ASDA (Walmart) and Tesco…oh and Boots. I swear people always think I’m just being ridiculous but I totally agree with you that voting with your wallet’s pretty damned important.

  • don’t forget best buy too.

  • Thank you for sharing this… I had not seen it yet, although any big box store leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Buh bye target.

  • Nice to see you posting again. I hope this starts a trend.


  • Thanks for posting this. I completely agree. Thinking about who our money supports is so important. Every little thing we can do in our own lives to make things better makes a difference, whether everyone wants to admit it or not. It really pisses me off when people make arguments about the difference it won’t make because of the people that refuse to make any changes.