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The Coffeehouse – Bloomington-Normal, IL

I’m very lucky that Brian’s sister is a professional stylist who runs a salon in Bloomington.  Even luckier, is that she is doing this in a town that has a great little vegetarian cafe with plenty of awesome vegan options!  Thank god for college towns, am I right?

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk in, is that the place is huge.  You’ll have no problem finding a place to sit, and they have free wi-fi.  And fun art to look at!

I will say that while their menu looks awesome, the quality of the food is usually not consistent.  I’ve gotten the tofu scramble three times, and each time it had a little less tofu in it (and it’s not seasoned much at all).  It was also pretty greasy, but I kind of like that, though other people may not.  My sister-in-law likes to get the falafel pita, and she says it suffers from the same consistency problem (although one of the times she thought it wasn’t good, I ate it and thought it was fine).  The vegan pancakes are always good, however, all but one time we’ve ordered them, they’ve brought a side of butter out with them.  Which is just…weird.  They don’t seem to keep Earth Balance around, but the pancakes are moist enough to not need them.

Same dish, totally different looking.

They have a dessert case, but the only vegan items i’ve ever seen are chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake.  The cake is good, but it’s not very rich.  This is good if you can’t handle super rich desserts.  You’re able to get a chocolate fix without feeling like you’re going to die afterwards.  I do wish they had a better variety of vegan goods, like a muffin or two, but it’s still better than no desserts at all.

They have a menu online, but the last time I went there they had made a few changes to it.  The new menu doesn’t mention having vegan french toast available, for one.  They have some items that weren’t marked ‘vegan’ before that now are (like the spicy tofu sandwich, which if you read the description it seems to be vegan anyway).

The spicy tofu sandwich lives up to its name!

So overall, The Coffeehouse isn’t perfect all of the time, but if you’re driving through the area I would definitely stop here and try it out.

posted: 10 September 14
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