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It’s my special day!

I’m 30 years old!  I’m so excited that I have a good 6-7 years before someone tells me i’m almost starting a new decade!

With age comes maturity, so.  *fart*

Okay, well, it came with pizza!  Brian came up this weekend and we made pizza that was so loaded down I almost had to eat it with a fork.  It had grilled mushrooms, red peppers, onions, pineapple rings, artichoke hearts, and tempeh sausage.

I also got Brian a bag of Tandoori Chicken flavored Stonewalls.  This is his review:

I did get some fun stuff:  the Scott Pilgrim books, flowers, Chicago Diner cake, the Urban Decay vegan palette, Vegan on the Cheap, a gift certificate to the health food store, and liver pills for my dog (which I did ask for because just those pills are $22 a month).  Now i’m going to sit around in my pjs and watch movies with my friend Andria.  Woo!

posted: 10 October 27
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