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Vegan MoFo #14: Semi-homemade Vegan.

Don’t get your hopes up from the post title, I did not veganize the Kwanzaa cake or any other Sandra Lee monstrosity!

Although I do find Sandra Lee amusing to watch, (this video pretty much sums up her show), I find her recipes pretty worthless.  When I think of semi-homemade, I don’t think of buying a pre-made cake and sticking pre-made cookies on it and calling it good.  I think of using occasional pre-made products to fill out a meal.  Like buying  pre-trimmed green beans in a bag to make your green bean casserole with.  It will cost a bit more, but if you’re pressed for time or are making a lot of food (Thanksgiving is coming up, afterall), sometimes it’s worth it to spend the little extra for the convenience.

Earlier this year for Father’s Day, I made my father-in-law a homemade cherry pie with cherries from the Farmer’s Market that I pitted by hand, with a knife.  After all of that, I really was not in the mood to make a fancy dinner, so I went with what I think is my favorite easy dinner to fall back on:  pasta with tofu ricotta.  All you need is a jar of your favorite sauce, pasta, and tofu.  I often make the tofu ricotta with dried basil and without lemon and I still enjoy it immensely.  The only work you have to do is mashing the tofu and adding in the rest of the ingredients.  You can just warm the sauce and mix the tofu in, or you can make a pasta bake and it’ll look like you put more effort into it (and I think it’s slightly tastier).  You’ll spend less than 20 minutes of active cooking time from start to finish, and you end up with something that passes for a complete meal on its own (carb, vegetable, protein, and a little fat) if you don’t want to make anything else.

P.S.  Please feel free to steal this theme for your own MoFo post and let me know what your favorite semi-homemade vegan meal is!

posted: 10 November 16
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