» It’s the most stressful time of the year! Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk!

It’s the most stressful time of the year!

Dear god, I am hating the holidays this year.  I hated Christmas for a long time (present trauma, my mother choosing to not spend Christmas with my brother and I just because my dad didn’t want her to), then I took it back.  I highlighted the parts of it I liked, ignored the parts I didn’t, and had a good time.  I enjoyed giving presents and usually had everything bought off of etsy before December even started.

That is not the case this year.  All I want for Christmas, is January (actually, some heat would be nice too, but whatever).  I would say that all I want is for Christmas to be over, but New Year’s Eve (one of my most unloved holidays) is right after that, so i’m focusing on January.  Come to Butthead.

However, since I haven’t been enthusiastic about gifts this year, and we had a little luck with money, I was still able to enter the 8-Bit Brigade charity raffle.  All of the proceeds go to Child’s Play, which provides terminally ill children with games and toys while they’re in the hospital.  They are falling pretty short of their goal and might not do it next year, so please go enter!  There is a list of the prizes up for grabs on the link, and every dollar buys you a chance.  If you already have some of that stuff or you don’t see anything that appeals to you, you can either trade it, accept the gift and donate it/give it to a friend, or just say that you don’t want it.  Last year I won a signed MC Frontalot cd that I got to surprise Brian with for Christmas!

I will now entertain you with pictures of dogs playing in the first major snowfall of winter.

You will notice that Bonny is absent, because Bonny thinks that snow is the devil and has a stroke when you imply that she should go outside in it with the other dogs.

posted: 10 December 17
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