» 2010: Bite me. Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk!

2010: Bite me.

Here is my 2010 recap post.

It sucked.

The end!

Okay, not really the end.  Although I really don’t have much positive to say.  I got a dead dog for Christmas and the stomach flu for New Years Eve, and it kind of clouds my ability to remember anything about this year fondly.  But I was able to come up with a short list!

  • Gaining and keeping a job that suits my needs.  Does my boss make me mental?  Absolutely, but I love having a job that is low stress and allows me plenty of free time to do things at home.
  • Making lots and lots of hula hoops, and practicing a lot and getting from Suck to Average on the skills front.
  • I had a lovely summer, riding my bike and gardening and going to the Farmer’s Market.
  • Taking pictures of kitties at the shelter!  Um, we haven’t been called back on that in awhile and we’re not sure why, but since my partner is a professional photographer I don’t think quality was an issue.  It’s a shame because I will take photos of cats and play with them all day long.
  • My stomach flu was very short lived, and it saved me the trouble of making any silly resolutions to lose five pounds, because I already did.  Ta da!

I usually make an end of the year mix on 8tracks, but I was too sick/tired/sad to upload songs, so I cheated and got what I could off of youtube and made a playlist there.  Here it is if you want to listen to it, I put all of the real videos first and the ‘someone uploaded the song and threw a picture up’ videos at the end.

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