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Vegan Pizza Day and Snowocalypse 2011

Oh, hey February.  I didn’t see you there, what with you being the worst month in the entire calendar year.  Let’s just try to ignore eachother until you’re gone, okay?  Okay.

I really just wanted to post about Vegan Pizza Day and the snow, since those are the only two interesting things that have been going on as of late.  I get through winter on a steady diet of t.v., oatmeal, hummus, and animal snuggling.  It’s not generally a blog-worthy experience.  Unless you want to hear about the t.v. shows i’m watching, then I will talk for days.  Onward!

So Saturday was Vegan Pizza Day.  I don’t know who decided this, if this was the first year, or what.  All I know is peeps we’re all a’twitterin’ about it, so I was like, “I like pizza!” and got in on it.  I had some seitan already made and a few jars of roasted eggplant tomato sauce in the freezer, so I was ready.  I debated between making my own white sauce and going to buy Daiya, and in the end, going to the store won out over having to wash the blender.  I really like Daiya on pizza, I think it’s really creamy.  Anyway, I sauteed my seitan with a (toy) truckload of garlic and some sundried tomatoes, and that was my topping.  I debated between adding capers, or some onion, but in the end i’m glad I kept it simple because it was delicious and I could taste each element.  I made the pizza in a glass baking dish because I wanted a very bready crust, and I got it.  Then I got to eat pizza all weekend instead of making more food.  Win/win/win!

And then the snow came.  At work on Monday, we got freezing rain that made driving kind of scary and even walking to and from the car treacherous, so I skipped my errands and went straight home.  Weather.com basically said, “It’s gonna fucking snow, and it’s gonna snow a LOT.”  Blizzardy snow is the kind I can get behind, because no one expects you to go out in it!  Two inches is just annoying, six inches starts to get fun, and more than that is AWESOME.  Luckily, my tuesday schedule is to watch all of my Monday night shows on hulu, so I just peeked out of the window from my warm bed occasionally and yep, snow.  And more snow.  Always snowing.  And then it hailed for awhile.  You get the picture, in the winter it snows sometimes!  Go figure!  Anyway, I did put boots and my coat on over my double layer of pajamas to take pictures while Chester pooped (his poor cold butt!).  In some of them you can see the clouds of snow being blown by the crazy wind.  It’s supposed to snow more tonight, which means I probably won’t go to work tomorrow!!!  Snow days are awesome, even if you only work three days a week in the first place.

Oh, and my friend Brad who lives up the street, posted a video on his site:

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