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I’m looking for blog/etsy recommendations!

Every few months, I go through my RSS feed (and twitter) and clear out blogs I don’t want to read anymore or dead ones that clearly aren’t coming back. And then I go through whims of wanting to read about certain subjects like gardening and I add a whole bunch of sites about that and get overwhelmed and then have to go on a deletathon again. Anyway!

Right now, I mostly read my RSS feed at work, over lunch. I’m really looking for picture-heavy blogs as opposed to essay-filled blogs, so I can quickly scroll through while i’m chewing. Preferably with content that won’t get me fired if my boss comes up behind me while i’m reading. (Sorry, BME, you get skipped at work.)

Anyway, here are three photo-heavy blogs that I like:
The Dainty Squid
San Smith
Living In A Ghost Town

Apparently I have a thing for girls with tattoos and/or dyed hair. Who knew?

Also, my friend Andria is looking to put some art prints in her house, so if you sell prints on etsy or have any favorites, post ’em! She’s having a baby boy in the spring so kid-themed but still awesome stuff would be appreciated, but I think she also wants art in general for the house. She likes cats and I don’t think she’s into fantasy art, so probably no fairies sitting on mushrooms.

Finally, finally, finally…my site is going to get majorly overhauled. I told Brian that all I want for V-Day is a new site. So we are going to work on that. I won’t even look at it because all of the pages and links are so outdated.

posted: 11 February 12
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