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Happy Pi(e) Day!

I won’t be eating any pie today, as i’m five days into my now annual gluten-free low-sugar Lent diet*, but I do have some photos from testing for Isa and Terry’s upcoming pie book. I was so excited to test for this one, because I want to learn how to make perfect pies, every time. I have a hit-or-miss history, so I don’t make them very often. I love being able to give and get feedback on what I make, it’s kind of like taking a pie making class for free!

Boston Creme Cake Pie

Blueberry Cornmeal Crumb Pie

Pumpkin Cheesecake (mini)

Raspberry Lime Rickey Cheesecake (also a mini)

The most exciting part? The cheesecakes are Tofutti-free! I had never made a vegan cheesecake before, and in fact I have only eaten a piece of one once, last spring from The Chicago Diner, which I wasn’t crazy about. I was never big on cheesecake pre-vegan anyway, and when I did eat it, it was mostly that Jell-o no bake kind that is overly sweet. But I lovelovelove these, and they are fairly easy to make. So get pumped for pie!



*insert my standard disclaimer that if you have a problem with people giving up things for Lent, even if they’re not Catholic, please shove it. 



posted: 11 March 14
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