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So much to say, so little motivation to say it.

I have a draft saved in WordPress that I wrote two weeks ago about how spring is here and awesome.  Oh, me-two-weeks-ago, you were so naive.  It was warm for about 2.5 days and then the temperatures tanked.  So instead of sharing warm weather pictures, let’s sit around in our sweaters and watch youtube videos!

There is this thing called Our Hit Parade, which is just super cool musicians covering popular songs.  I found this by stumbling across a vdieo of Kathleen Hanna telling a story about Kurt Cobain, stripping, and how Smells Like Teen Spirit haunts her.  It’s 10 minutes long, but I think it’s a neat story, and no matter if you think Kathleen is annoying or her music sucks, she tells a goody story and it’s pretty funny (P.S. I think Kathleen is the polar opposite of suck).

And then I watched this one.  I have never heard of Bridget Everett before this, and i’m not sure why she keeps flashing her pantyhosed crotch, but a) No Diggity is pretty much the best R&B song of the 90’s, and b) the Stereo MCs interlude fits really well, so i’m now pretty much in love with her.  Plus, she has huge knockers!

In exciting vegan news, a new site that is totally dedicated to being vegan and gluten-free (xgfx) just launched!  Kittee is kind of like the Kathleen Hanna of xgfx, so it totally ties in with the rest of this post.  So check this shit out.

posted: 11 April 19
under: gluten free, music

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