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Life is dee-licious!

I posted a few months ago about Isa and Terry’s new pie book, and you probably already know that you have to buy it.  But if you were only 99.99999% sure, let me push you over to 110%.



This is a quarter of a Peanut Butter Cuplette, and they are like candy bars!  Kind of like twix.  Totally amazing and so rich that you only need a tiny piece of an already mini-pie.  As a bonus, they are super easy to make!



I picked up a tub of Hickory Cheddar spread by Wayfare, and I tried it with some crackers.  It was good, but the whole time I was thinking, “This tastes familiar.”  I finally realized it reminded me of hot ‘ham’ and cheese, which I used to eat a lot pre-vegan with Lightlife deli slices.  So I decided to take some leftover soycurls, the spread, bread, and put it all under the broiler for melty goodness.  I added a little spinach for color.  The smoky flavor is a little strong, but that means that a little bit goes a long way flavor-wise, so I was able to make the tub stretch pretty far.  And the best part is, the spread is totally gluten and soy free, and is made of totally normal ingredients and not a bunch of weirdo chemicals!  Yay!



Homemade bread with homemade garlic butter and spaghetti.  Homemade carb coma?  I think so.

posted: 11 May 5
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