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Blog face lift is approaching!

Slowly…so, so slowly, i’m working on revamping the blog. I just went through and removed super old blog links (I had a link to Herbivore Magazine, for cripes sake), I am bribing Amanda with nerdy/food/sexy favors to design a new banner for me, and eventually I will annoy Brian into putting it all together on a new WordPress template for me.  In the meantime, if you visit the site (as opposed to reading via RSS like most people), and you notice things are wonky and pages are missing, that’s why.


Also, i’ve been vaguely attempting to be more organized and get my online shit together (did I tell you about the day that I organized my gmail?  Whoa boy, hold me back), I remembered that I have a facebook page for the site.  Like most cool kids, i’m jumping over to google+, but i’ve started posting site updates to facebook.  Also my ego is fragile so even if you already are subscribed via RSS it would be awesome if you would ‘like’ me anyway.


Also also, I hope to have something awesome AND charitable to kick off the revamped look with, so keep your eyes peeled and your wallets ready!



posted: 11 July 19
under: site info

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