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St. Louis Vegan Goodies

Last month, Brian and I went to see The Thermals in St. Louis.  Funny side story, they were opening for Matt and Kim, and Brian and I had no idea that Matt and Kim are super fucking popular until we were eating across from the venue and saw the line wrapped around the block.  I didn’t bother trying to sneak my camera in because it was clear we wouldn’t be getting into the stage area and I was right!


We had some issues getting around town at first, thanks to road construction and dear god, I never want to hear an electronic voice say “Recalculating!” as long as I live.  So we ended up with less time than I had planned, and kind of had to fly through our pre-dinner destinations.

Our first stop was Sweet Art bakery.  They’re all vegetarian and have vegan bakery items daily, and they tweet those selections each day.  I asked the day before what they would have and they told me, so I knew what to ask for.  I was hoping to get a sandwich to tide me over until dinner, but since we were running so late I just decided to loot the bakery.  Unfortuantely,  it wasn’t cupcake happy hour, but I got two cupcakes and a brownie, which I promptly ate and it was big, fudgy, and delicious.

I’m sad that I didn’t get to eat lunch, just a glance at the menu on the wall made me excited.  But the cupcakes were awesome, I ate the vanilla xgfx one with chocolate buttercream after the show,  and the cherry almond one the next day.  The frosting wasn’t too sweet and there wasn’t too much or too little of it.  I am definitely going back every time I go to St. Louis!



After quickly dashing to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s to look for Field Roast slices for a friend (and failing), we headed over to Pi Pizzeria.  Brian and I tried to eat here when we saw Ted Leo, but the wait was horrendous.  This time we planned ahead and showed up almost two hours before the doors across the street at The Pageant even opened (which made the line around the block even more bizarre).  The wait was still horrendous, and we couldn’t wander too far because we had one of those vibrating ‘your table is ready’ things to hold onto.  It was crowded and loud inside, and I was really hoping we would get a table outside.  I almost had a stroke when a guy showed up, alone, thirty minutes after we had and was almost immediately seated at a two-person table outside.  But I have no idea how they decide who goes where and when, so I kept my stroke to myself for the next 45 minutes that we had to wait.


So was it worth it?  For the ambiance, no.  I felt crowded as fuck and we could barely talk.  For the pizza?  Hells yeah!  Pi has daiya, match meats, and all kinds of toppings.  Their thin crust is vegan, supposedly to get a vegan deep dish you have to call the day before (?) so they can not butter a pan.  I knew this was going to be a pricey pizza, so I resisted the urge to dump fifteen toppings on and went with artichoke, sundried tomato, and roasted garlic.  Brian had mushroom on his half, and the waitress asked if he wanted daiya or dairy cheese on his half (um, ew, they’ll melt together).  Also, since we didn’t get drinks or an appetizer the price wasn’t too crazy, I want to say $20 but I don’t remember for sure.  It’s definitely a treat, but vegan pizza that isn’t just a cheeseless Papa John’s pizza usually is.

I don’t know if they take reservations, but in the future I wouldn’t try to eat there on a weekend or at dinnertime without one (or maybe try one of the other locations that isn’t right across from a huge music venue).  We still ended up missing part of the first band.  P.S.  The Thermals were aweeeeesome.




posted: 11 July 27
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