» A few more prizes added, and my favorite vegan youtubers! Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk!

A few more prizes added, and my favorite vegan youtubers!

First off, if you’ve already donated, thank you!  I love you, the bike riders love you, and all of the people who work at the farm sanctuaries love you.  I would e-hug everyone if I didn’t hate touchy-feely crap so much*.

Second, if you didn’t see the edits, or the tweets, Carrie from Vegan Coupons donated a $30 voucher to Liz Lovely!  It’s for their online store so even if you don’t have their products available near you, you can still bask in the glow of delicious vegan (and many gluten-free) treats!  Kelly has thrown in a $20 grab-bag of adorable buttons and a mirror, you can see the selection at her etsy shop.  $20 is a lot of buttons!

Thirdidly, someone asked me if international peeps are eligible to win.  Yes!  If you don’t live in the States and you win something from Herbivore, it’s covered.  The other prizes, we will work something out, either I will give the donor some money to cover the shipping, or I will have them send it to me and i’ll send it.  The exception is the Liz Lovely voucher, because it says on their site that they don’t ship outside of the US (or Alaska or Hawaii).  In that case, I will let the person decide if they want to pass the voucher along to a US friend or have me re-draw for it.

Fourthishly, even though I didn’t go to Vida Vegan Con, I enjoyed reading about it and learning about so many new blogs.  Literally dozens of vegan blogs I had never heard of!  I think it’s great when I can say, “No, I don’t know every vegan blog!  There are too many!”  BUT there are some awesome vegan resources on youtube, some exclusively.  These are my favorites, minus the beauty ones because I posted about them a few weeks ago.


Everyday Dish


I think most people know about this one, so to keep it short:  Julie Hasson, cooking show, well made, often has special guests. Julie is the vegan sausage queen, she’s the one who came up with the method of steamed sausages that is so popular.

The Vegan Zombie


Another cooking show, but with a zombie outbreak storyline thrown in!  Who doesn’t love zombies?  Assholes, that’s who.  I also like that this dude randomly makes weird faces and says ‘awnyun’.  Although, I think he might be sponsored by Daiya…

VegNews TV


There’s a mix of cooking videos from various people, travel pieces, interviews, etc.  For people who are too lazy to read a magazine!  Jasmin Singer is my favorite VegNews correspondent.



I like Shelley because she’s smart, she makes videos that are titled things like ‘Sick of Vegans Opinions’, and so meat eaters are like, “Yeah!”, but then…she just talks about the difference between fact and opinion and lays some facts down on you about factory farming.  She does use images of factory farms, but nothing super gory.

The Vegan Drag Queen


I don’t know about you, but I love drag queens!  I want them on my t.v. all the time, and the day they announce that there will be no more Rupaul shows on Logo is the day you will find me sobbing in the corner.  So a vegan drag queen?  THE BEST.  She only has one episode of her cooking show so far, but Honey LaBronx is my new favorite vegan!








*I put up a tough front, but I will cry through Lifetime movies with the sobbiest of them.

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