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VeganMoFo: Sleepaway Camp


If you’ve seen Sleepaway Camp, you can already guess what this menu is going to look like.  If you haven’t seen it, Sleepaway Camp is one of the few movies where I can honestly say you will be surprised at the ending.

Sleepaway Camp is your basic slasher camp film from the 80’s…with a twist at the end.  I will admit that there isn’t a whole lot else that stands out about it, except that Aunt Martha is an amazingly creepy character.  Who the killer is isn’t the twist as that’s pretty easy to figure out within the first 30 minutes.

Sleepaway Camp spawned two of the most ridiculous sequels ever, both of which I love for how incredibly bad they are.  Bruce Springsteen’s sister Pamela plays the killer in both (which is revealed quickly so that’s not really a spoiler), and it’s just a string of bad puns, cheesy one-liners, and cheap effects for the gruesome deaths.  Death by portapotty, anyone?  There was also a fourth movie, but it was so bad it never even finished filming.

Some of the original cast and crew got together to make Return To Sleepaway Camp, which is a direct sequel to the first one.  It wasn’t great, but I like the fact that so much of the original cast and crew are involved.  The same people are making another sequel, which will have Aunt Martha!

Entree:  Beans and franks, ’nuff said.

Side:  ‘Honey’ glazed carrots (steaming is kind of like boiling, right?)

Dessert:  Raw chocolate walnut balls, or you can make smores since it’s a camp movie.

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