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VeganMoFo: The Devil’s Rejects

(Some people have told me that some of my pictures aren’t working, it’s flickr’s issue so there’s nothing I can do, sorry!)


The Devil’s Rejects, a movie about a family of serial killers on the run from the law, is one of the few sequels to blow its predecessor out of the water.  House of 1000 corpses made an effort to be weird and trippy, this movie has the same characters but a totally different feel.  It has the feel of a gritty, low-budget horror movie, but…with a budget.  And good acting.  It’s definitely one of the best horror movies of the last ten years, there is zero comedy or camp, and it is full of blood, grossness, cussing, and filth.  It’s definitely not a movie to watch for fun, or if you don’t like horror movies.  I obviously lean towards the more campy side of horror, but this is still one of my favorites because it is so damn good.

This movie has Bill Mosley, who scares the pants out of me just by speaking.  Leslie Easterbrook (Callahan from the Police Academy movies) takes over the role of Mother Firefly (and I think she does a better job).  Sid Haig is a veteran of 70’s Blaxsplotation films.  There are a ton of horror favorites in minor roles and cameos, like PJ Soles (Carrie, Halloween), Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead), Danny Trejo (uh, he’s in EVERYTHING), plus EG Daily (Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, the voice of Tommy from Rugrats), and Brian Posehn (Sarah Silverman Project), and Dave Sheridan (Scary Movie, MTV’s  Buzzkill).

For this movie, the menu theme was obvious:  the dirty south!  If you have the Hot Damn, Hell Yeah/Dirty South book, anything in there would work.  If not, I picked a bunch of recipes for you!  Seriously, I had trouble not posting 50 recipes.

Entree:  I couldn’t decide between beer-battered tofu with ranch dressing and fried green tomatoes, so why not make both?

Side:  To balance out the fried food, texas caviar makes a great, light side, or roasted okra for something quick and easy.

Dessert:  I swear I didn’t just dig through Fat Free Vegan, but when I googled ‘vegan southern desserts’ and this southern style banana pudding recipe (that I have made and love) was on the first page, I mean, come on!

posted: 11 October 5
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  • I admire your passion for the genre, but I have to admit, I’d probably be watching this with my eyes closed, and spilling my banana pudding in my lap.

  • Great movie! I loved the first one and The Devil’s Rejects was a whole new take on the characters, less campy with the same Rob flair. My fiance thinks I’m a freak for liking them, thank goodness I’m not the only one!

  • Mo

    I don’t remember much about this movie except feeling really sick after watching it. Is that about right?

  • Well it’s not the grossest movie i’ve seen, but everyone’s different. It broke a record for using ‘fuck’ the most times in a movie, though.

  • Nick

    Devil’s Rejects is great, but I like House of 1000 Corpses a lot more. Probably because it’s kind of a classic in my circle and is quoted on the regular.