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VeganMoFo: Ginger Snaps

You may notice that a lot of the movies i’m posting are straight-up slasher films.  I KNOW.  It’s not that I don’t like movies about various creatures (zombies are getting their own special post), it’s just that I don’t have a thing for werewolves or vampires in particular, no matter how shirtless or sparkly they may be.  I thought Underworld was boring, An American Werewolf In London does nothing for me (please don’t throw things at me), and The Howling series is okay, I guess.  Silver Bullet was one of my favorite childhood movies, but I couldn’t think of a menu for it.  Thankfully, Ginger Snaps is awesome, easy to build a menu around, AND is a werewolf movie, providing a little variety!

Ginger and Brigitte are two sisters who have no friends but each other, and a morbid outlook on life.  Things start to change when Ginger a) gets her first period at 16 and b) gets attacked by a werewolf.  She becomes increasingly more brazen and bitchy as the movie goes on, and Brigitte becomes increasingly horrified that her sister is turning into such a hobag.  In this movie, it takes awhile for someone to transform fully into a werewolf, so while Ginger slowly appears more wolf-like, Brigitte tries to find a cure or a way to slow down the process, wacky hijinks ensue, you know.

The movie spawned two sequels, the second movie was just as good, if not better than the first (I don’t want to say too much because the plot automatically spoils the end of the first one).  The third movie is a prequel that takes place in the 19th century, and is pretty much just like the first movie.  It’s not bad, but it’s not that interesting.

Mimi Rogers is the most famous person in this indie Canadian flick, Katherine Isabelle and Emily Perkins are mostly for playing Ginger and Brigitte.  They’ve both been on Supernatural (Emily was the superfan Becky Rosen), and they played sisters in Another Cinderella Story, which is a Disney movie that I will never, ever watch.  Emily also played the abortion clinic receptionist in Juno, and Katherine was the girl who liked to drink and smoke in Freddy vs. Jason (p.s. she has used a body double for every nude scene she’s ever ‘done’).

So what’s a growing wolf who has cramps going to eat?

Entree:  I can usually tell my period is coming by my sudden desire to eat a bag of Tings and a whole shelf of dark chocolate, but this seitan in mole sounds much more healthy and delicious.

Side:  How can you fit carby, salty, and sweet into one food?  Spicy sweet potato fries, of course!

Dessert:  I suppose you could just make gingersnap cookies, but why do that when you can make pumpkin pie with a gingersnap crust and bourbon sauce?

posted: 11 October 8
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