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VeganMoFo: The Lost Boys

Ah, the 80’s.  When vampires were a little more rock n’ roll and a little less sparkly.  I don’t know when it was decided that all dude vampires had to be lady-whipped by teenage girls.  And I am a big Buffy fan, but shit gets old!  Anyway, I think that Kiefer Sutherland makes a perfect vampire, he’s almost as good at it as he is at asking people where the damn bomb is.  I also love that for whatever reason, the vampire gang in this movie has clearly killed the wardrobe stylist from Guns N’ Roses and stolen all of their clothes.  But there are two things that truly, madly, deeply make this movie great.

1.  The Corey’s!  Corey Feldman and Corey Haim making a movie together = magic.  This was their first film together, and I think the only one where they don’t play BFFs. Also, even though most of the movies they made together were fluffy and kind of dumb, at this point both Corey’s were known for being talented child actors.

2.  This guy, right here, for being so, so 80’s.  I can’t embed the video, but you won’t be sorry.  P.S.  The guy on stage really is the guy who is singing and playing the sax, he’s not an actor faking it.

Tale as old as time:  moody teenage boy moves into town with his little brother and single mom, boy sees hot girl, boy tries to hang with tough guys in order to impress hot girl, boy ends up being turned into a vampire.  But like Ginger Snaps, there’s a chance to be cured!  Luckily, little brother Corey meets two dudes who give him a comic that tells him everything he needs to know about vampires.  Thank god for comics, or the whole family would’ve been fucked.  Support your local comic store!

Also starring Jami Gertz (Less Than Zero, Kimmy Bishop on Ally McBeal, Alex Winter (the blonde half of Bill and Ted), Diane Wiest (Parenthood, Edward Scissorhands) Jason Patric (not-Keanu in Speed 2), and Edward Herrmann (Gilmore Girls, Oz).

The first sequel is pretty terrible, but there is another sax man in it.  I haven’t seen the other sequel, i’m sure it’s just as good as the other one.

This menu is obvious if you’ve seen the movie…if not, one of the most famous lines from the movie is, “Maggots, Michael.  You’re eating maggots.  How do they taste?”  Just a heads up.

Appetizer and Entree:  Baked spring rolls and low-fat lo-mein, mmmm mmmm!

Entree #2, because you’re probably going to share anyway:  Pineapple thai fried rice, delicious!

Dessert:  To keep with the chinese food theme, make your own fortune cookies!  Or for something easier, vampirey, and with more rice, coconut rice pudding with raspberry sauce.


posted: 11 October 11
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