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VeganMoFo: Maximum Overdrive

This probably isn’t surprising, but that truck gave me nightmares when I was little.

The basic plot of Maximum Overdrive is that a comet that is passing by the earth has turned all of the machines into self-aware murderers, and it will take seven days for the comet to pass the earth, when it will be safe for humans again.  It should come as no surprise to you that Stephen King wrote this story.  It was also his first and last foray into directing, and that is because this movie is BAD.  But what can you expect from a movie with killer cars and appliances?  If you like blood, Emilio Estevez, AC/DC, Yeardley Smith (Lisa Simpson) playing a really annoying character, and a high body count, this is a movie for you.  I just really wanted to do a truck stop menu, and most of the movie takes place in one.

Entree:  Truck stop food is usually just a big bunch of grease, but I was able to find a healthy take on frito pie.  For speed, you can use canned vegetarian chili.

Side:  To me, no trip to a truck stop would be complete without some sort of potato, so how about some oven-baked steak fries?  You could also make some oven-baked onion rings.

Dessert:  Could it be anything but a milkshake?  Obviously you can take any ice cream and toss it in a blender with a little non-dairy milk, but here is a list of combination ideas, complete with drool-worthy photos!

posted: 11 October 12
under: veganmofo

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