» This is what happens when your dog dislocates his hip. Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk!

This is what happens when your dog dislocates his hip.

I’m thinking about getting him some prune juice and bifocals because he is now truly an old man. Maybe we’ll have a Murder She Wrote marathon this week!

posted: 12 January 22
under: animals, life

  • Aw I knew my heart would melt when I saw this! He is so cute and I wish he will get well very very soon.

  • that is so sad…poor chester. i hope he gets better soon. what’s his prognosis?


  • Kittee, he is going to be fine as long as we can keep him from trying to climb stairs. It’s difficult right now (in the morning) because he’s awake, he’s done his business…and it’s time to go back upstairs and take a post breakfast nap and he can’t. So he’s just sitting here and making grump noises.

  • awww, poor little guy! i am sending Chester healthy healing thoughts! i’m glad he’s kind of adjusting while he’s recovering though! he’s so sweet!

  • Lily

    Aw, poor Chester! I hope he makes a speedy recovery. In the meantime, I think the grump noises are warranted. I mean, naps make up roughly 90% of an old man’s day.

  • poor chester.

    so glad he is gonna be OK tho. he look pitiful…