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RIP Cosmo’s, and why i’m watermarking my photos.

Last weekend was the last chance to order from Cosmo’s before they closed their doors. When Leigh and Ken announced they were closing, I immediately placed an order to help them clear out their stock (and I ordered enough to get free shipping so it wasn’t any more than I would spend at the health food store). But when they put up a code for 40% off of everything, I couldn’t resist even though I am not exactly rolling in the money.

One of the items I ordered got oversold, so Leigh emailed me and asked me what I wanted as a replacement. My reply was, “Chocolate, other jerky’s, chocolate, any non-perishable food item, chocolate, whatevs.” I got extra chocolate wrapped up like a present and a jar of Biscoff cookie spread, way more than the value of what they were replacing. This isn’t the only time that my Cosmo’s order has included a little something extra. Ken and Leigh are good people and I wish them luck in the next part of their life.

And now why i’m putting my url on my photos from now on: Pinterest and tumblr.

Actually, since this is long and not everyone will care to read that much about the subject, let me say that it is NOT because I think I take amazing pictures. I have nothing to sell, I don’t have ads on my site that I want more people to see. Since I only update about once a month i’m not even really concerned with how many people read/look at my blog. I used to think it was kind of ridiculous for non-professionals/non-artists to watermark their photos. If you still do, feel free to think i’m an asshole.

I have a Pinterest account and I think it’s great. I love having visual bookmarks of recipes, makeup ideas, gardening ideas, etc. There are some things about it that aren’t so great, like the fact that they save a hi-res copy of the pinned image. And that so many people DO NOT ATTRIBUTE/LINK BACK TO THE CORRECT SOURCE. I’m saying this as a user and not as someone who has found my images on there, I hate it when I see a pin I like and want to click through to the blog/site, and…it goes to a tumblr, or the person saved it and uploaded it themselves. Don’t do that, guys! I know when you’re re-pinning stuff you probably don’t always go and look at where the image came from, but if you are pinning something, make sure it’s from the site of the person who it belongs to, so at least people who want to follow the trail, can.

My friend Sunny has made a bunch of posts about this in the past month, if you want to read more about it.

What really gets me is tumblr. I kind of hate tumblr, but I know a lot of people who use it. My husband bought a tumblr t-shirt just to give me grief. Sometimes when I check my flickr stats, I get links from tumblr, and mostly I just make that Marge Simpson sound and move on. It bothers me that someone can post nothing of their own and get a couple dozen likes/reblogs for it, but the person who actually created the content gets jack. I’ve never turned off sharing of my photos on flickr though, until I found a referral on one of my food photos for a pro-anorexia tumblr. I absolutely do not want anyone using anything of mine to support hurting themselves, if I can help it. Can I?

But even if you have sharing disabled and your photo protection as high as it can be, someone can still use the bookmarklet function on either of these sites. The only other thing you can do is opt out of the flickr API search. But someone can still stumble across your photo and use the bookmarklet.

Now, a lot of people straight-up do not care about this stuff. That’s fine. If you don’t care, none of this matters. If you do care, you are basically screwed. There is nothing you can do except get off of the internet, because this is the way things are now. So that’s why I decided to just start putting my url in the bottom corner of my photos. Sure, someone can save my photo from one of these sites and crop it out, but considering how easy it is to repost things these days, less people are going to go through that effort. And if they do, there’s nothing I can do about that!

posted: 12 March 27
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4 Responses to “RIP Cosmo’s, and why i’m watermarking my photos.”

  1. leigh says:

    thanks for the mention xoxo

  2. Mihl says:

    I agree and I also watermark my pictures. My recipes and pictures have been stolen so many times, it also infuriates me that people get away with it so easily.
    Another point that is interesting. It seems that lately text doesn’t matter anymore. People are all over pictures. Which is fine but also weird. Did people stop reading?
    And I came to the conclusion that pinterest is like a giant women’s mag. It perpetuates so many stereotypes. So I’m not using it very often or try not to look at the main page.

  3. Vegyogini says:

    Shoot, I wish I’d known Cosmo’s was closing! I definitely would’ve made a purchase to support them. I’m so sorry to hear about this and I wish Leigh and Ken success in their next chapter.

  4. That’s a shame that Cosmo’s closed down, if they shipped to Canada I would have been all over that sale. I hope they have great success with whatever they plan to do next.

    I seem to be just learning about all this stuff now, until I read your PPK post I always thought that Pinterest linked back to the original source. I don’t really understand why but I’ve always had an unfounded hatred towards tumbler, it just seems like a glorified Pinterest. Maybe I’m wrong but doesn’t it just consist of posts taken from other people’s blogs, with no original content?
    I’ve had people reblog an entire post of mine before but I’ve yet to have anyone steal any of my shitty pictures….that I’m aware of. I don’t see anything wrong with watermarking, if I had any idea how to do it, I’d probable do the same. Yeah they may crop it, but most people who steal pictures are too damn lazy to go through the hassle.

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