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Come play with me, vegans.

I have joined 2011 and gotten in on this smart device wifi thingamajig, via a loaned ipod touch. I didn’t really care about not having a smartphone until I found out that everyone I knew was playing Draw Something and _____ With Friends without me. I love word games, i’m pretty sure I came out of the womb clutching the Sunday crossword. ANYWAY. If you would like to play with me or check out my Instagram:

Draw Something: sendmorecops
______ With Friends: sendmorebrains (I play Words, Hanging, and Scramble)
Instagram: braaaaaaaains (eight a’s)

Since i’m using an ipod and not a phone, I can only use it at home (unless I take pictures and upload them later) so my instagram is almost all cats and dogs.

Last week I sprained my wrist and then didn’t take care of it properly, so I ended up wearing a brace and sitting in a heating pad for a week, while trying and mostly failing to do things right handed, and then due to some super stressful family problems I got the worst eczema outbreak i’ve had since I ditched dairy. So I started Draw something by using my right thumb and now i’m using my left ring finger (because the rest of my hand is covered in bandages), so if you play me and are wondering why even my stick figures look like a drunken toddler drew them, that’s why.

Also because I am really, really bad at drawing.

posted: 12 April 13
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