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VeganMoFo Double Feature: Stand By Me and Revenge of the Nerds

Aside from being released in the 80’s and being total sausage fests, Stand By Me and Revenge of the Nerds don’t have a lot in common, so let’s divide them up!

Stand By Me isn’t a straight-up comedy like Revenge of the Nerds, but it does have its funny moments so I think they aren’t a total odd couple. The movie is based on a Stephen King story, and while it doesn’t have a lot of the out-there supernatural elements that a lot of Stephen King movies do, the writing, characters, and the fact that it’s set in Castle Rock scream ‘Stephen King’. (Sidebar, if you ever need to distract me for a good 45 minutes, ask me to talk about the Stephen King books that have been made into movies and how they compare to each other and the original material. It usually ends with me writhing on the floor, screaming about how The Stand and IT got done so dirty.)

Four kids, all who have their own issues, set out to find a body they heard was located on a river bank. They want to find it so they can be report it to the police and be the heroes! Unfortunately, two of their brothers are in a gang of dickholes who have the same idea. The kids hoof it like they have a ring to toss into a firey pit, dealing with junk yard dogs, leeches, and trains along the way. Some demons are battled and some comic relief is had, and they all come home a little more grown up.

Starring Wil Wheaton (Star Trek TNG, king nerd of the internets), Corey Feldman (almost all of my favorite movies, f’reals), Jerry O’Connell (Sliders, Crossing Jordan), and River Phoenix (My Own Private Idaho). Kiefer Sutherland (Lost Boys, 24) plays the head of the greasy gang.

That’s what almost every party i’ve ever been to has ended up looking like.

Revenge of the Nerds is a story or triumph. A group of nerds are bullied by a fraternity at their new college, and they never stop fighting back. It is also a story of boobs, fart jokes, and loads of offensive stereotypes. Everything that makes a great comedy! Most of the movie was improvised, including the running card playing gag between Takashi and Booger. Throughout the movie, the jocks hit them with shitty pranks and dickery, and the nerds hit back with their smarts and their own dickery. Dickery all around! But it all ends with a heartwarming speech and the bad guys losing so, that’s really all that matters. Oh, and the musical competition:

Starring Robert Carradine (Lizzie McGuire, being a part of the famous Carradine family), Anthony Edwards (ER, Top Gun), Timothy Busfield (The West Wing, thirtysomething), Curtis Armstrong (American Dad, Boston Legal), Michelle Meyrink (Real Genius, The Outsiders), Ted McGinley (Married With Children, Happy Days), John Goodman (Roseanne, The Big Lebowski), and James Cromwell (American Horror Story, Six Feet Under, being vegan and awesome). A lot of the nerds are famous FOR playing these characters, so you will often see them in small parts and recognize them from this movie. Curtis Armstrong probably gets more guest spots on tv shows than any of the other cast members.

The food that ties these two movies together, is pie. If you do decide to use this movie menu, I recommend you stop eating before you actually get to the pie eating contest in Stand By Me.

Whether you’re on a great adventure to find a body, or you’re busy partying with the Omega Moos, you need something that doesn’t require a plate or a fork. The answer: hand pies, hand pies, empanadas. Make a variety and you’ve got a party in everyone’s hand!
Dessert: There are approximately one hojillion vegan pie recipes on the internet that you could make, if you want to stay true to the menus make a cream pie and a blueberry pie.

If none of those appeal to you, here’s a pretty inclusive list of a variety of vegan pies.

posted: 12 October 13
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