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VeganMoFo: Pecker

This screencap sums up their entire relationship.

Despite what the title might make you think (pervert), Pecker is a movie about a young lad who spends his time making sandwiches and taking pictures of the everyday sights and people in his area of Baltimore, and his quirky-yet-loveable family. No one thinks much of his pictures until a fancy shmancy art dealer stumbles upon his show. The upside is that he gets a lot of money, a trip to New York, and is utterly pleased with himself to the point where you kind of want to wipe the smile off of his face (see above photo). The downside is this makes his girlfriend miserable, his house gets robbed, and his family and friends are now fair game for mockery. The second upside is that he will turn the tables on the New York art crowd and in the end, everyone wins!

I want to point out that this movie is NOT kid friendly. There is tea bagging in a gay bar, and to quote the movie, the pubic hair of a stripper. In my research I found that this movie received quite a few negative reviews, and while I admit that the Virgin Mary coming to life at the end of the movie is a bit ‘wtf why’, overall it makes me laugh pretty hard. Little Chrissy is the best movie character EVER. I don’t know how it’s possible to make the line, “Pecker, please bring me a soda!” funny, but that kid NAILED IT. Actually, I think everyone nailed their parts pretty well. Peep this amazing cast:

Edward Furlong (Terminator 2, American History X), Christina Ricci (Addams Family, Monster, Sleepy Hollow), Mary Kay Place (Big Love, Citizen Ruth), Martha Plimpton (Raising Hope, The Goonies, the single best episode of Law & Order SVU ever), Brendan Sexton III (Empire Records, Boys Don’t Cry), Lili Taylor (I shot Andy Warhol, Six Feet Under), and Bess Armstrong has a small role that makes for a mini-My So-Called life reunion between her and Mary Kay Place. You may also recognize John Waters regulars Mink Stole, Mary Vivian Pierce, Alan J. Wendl, Susan Lowe, Channing Wilroy, and Patty Hearst. Yes, the bank robber. She also did a guest spot on Veronica Mars!

Entree: I used quite a bit of google-fu to try and find a specific vegan pit beef recipe, to no avail. So make yourself some dry-rub seitan (use the spice mix in the first article for authenticity), horseradish sauce, and rye bread. Add some sliced onion, tomatoes, and lettuce, and ta-da!
Side: To celebrate Pecker’s colorful family, Miss Betty’s fashion, AND Little Chrissy’s conversion to veganism, check out this beautiful Cosmic Cashew Kale and Chickpeas with Confetti Quinoa.
Dessert: Nothing says “I love you, Little Chrissy.” like sugar cookies! If you can get your hands on some vegan gummy worms too, all the better.

posted: 12 October 16
under: veganmofo

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