» VeganMoFo: It’s International Bacon Day! Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk!

VeganMoFo: It’s International Bacon Day!

What a perfect made-up holiday to kick off the Vegan Month of Food with! As we all know, there are many varieties of vegan bacon, that thankfully don’t actually taste like bacon, but are delicious and smoky and a little salty.

So with that, we’ll segue into the absolute zero surprise that my VeganMoFo theme this year is Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, so i’ll start with one movie and jump to the next one by an actor who was in both films, ending in a connection to Kevin Bacon. I’ll be posting Monday-Friday. Yes, that means five movies because i’m not actually talking about/making a menu for the Kevin Bacon movies because…I don’t like or haven’t seen most of the movies he’s been in! And I already did Friday the 13th. But he’s really good in The Following. And I will never forget his shower scene in Wild Things. Seared into my brain forever.  Y’all know what i’m talking about.


I tried to find a picture that was the polar opposite of a screenshot of his penis. Mission accomplished?

I put together a list of the movies i’ve done for the past two VeganMoFos here.

Other than that, i’ll be spending most of my month manning @VeganMoFo on twitter and trying to remember to check the facebook page for all of your questions. As always, i’m glad to be volunteering and hope that i’m helpful.  See you tomorrow!

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11 Responses to “VeganMoFo: It’s International Bacon Day!”

  1. Ty says:

    I’m so going to google the actual image now, just because I’m curious. Thanks for being patient with me on twitter! 🙂

  2. John McDevitt says:

    Happy Vegan MoFo!

  3. MeShell says:

    Happy MoFo and Thank you for being a volunteer!

    The only bacon I’m interested in is Kevin Bacon (and occasionally Sir Francis Bacon)

  4. Kelly Dyer says:

    I love how you turned MoFo into penis talk on day one. You win!

  5. Cadry says:

    What a fun theme idea! I love it! I am sad to say that I haven’t seen Wild Things. It sounds like I’m missing out! I haven’t seen that many Kevin Bacon movies either, except for Crazy, Sexy Love, The River Wild, Flatliners, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, and Footloose.

    So out of curiosity, what are your favorite veggie bacons?

  6. Mo says:

    BEST. PICTURE. EVER. You are so so so so my favorite!

  7. sendmorecops says:

    Setting the bar high!

  8. sendmorecops says:

    I really like the new Upton’s one, either that or tempeh.

  9. This is my favorite of all your MoFo movie themes! I fell a little bit in love with Kevin Bacon when I saw Footloose in the theater (fuckaduck how old does that make me sound) and have seen almost everything he’s been in on the big screen since, including Wild Things. Memories . . .

  10. sendmorecops says:

    Thank you! It’s nice to know that i’m entertaining someone besides myself.

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