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VeganMoFo: Romancing The Stone

A romantic tale of Michael Douglas delivering a baby in the pouring rain.  Okay, not really, but that’s what it looks like, right?

Joan Wilder is living the sweet life in New York City: she’s a successful romance novelist, has a cat and a fireplace, and the most impressive mini-booze bottle collection you’ve ever seen. If only she could find love in an 80’s movie with ‘romancing’ in the title…

Joan returns from handing over her latest manuscript to find her apartment has been ransacked and her sister has been kidnapped and if she wants to get her un-napped, she has to bring a treasure map to Colombia. It’s always something.  Of course, as soon as she gets to Colombia shit starts going wrong and who will help her but an attractive guy with a machete?  This guy?

Romancing The Stone (and its sequel, Jewel of the Nile) is one of those movies that was able to cash in on the popularity of Indiana Jones, but with more romance and dancing and a little bit less snakes (but more crocodiles).  For some reason, studio executives were convinced that the movie was going to flop, so they fired Robert Zemeckis from directing Cocoon.  But Romancing the Stone did great, so Zemeckis went off and made a little film called Back to the Future instead.  The sequel didn’t receive as good of reviews as Romancing the Stone, but it’s still okay to watch if you like the first one and don’t mind hearing Danny DeVito saying ‘towelhead’ because it was the 80’s and that was still okay to say in a movie.  A third installment was planned but never went anywhere, but Kathleen, Michael, and Danny all got back together for The War of the Roses.

Starring Michael Douglas (Fatal Attraction, The American President), Kathleen Turner (Serial Mom, The Virgin Suicides), Danny DeVito (Always Sunny, Throw Mama From The Train), Holland Taylor (Two and A Half Men, The L Word), and Mary Ellen Trainor (Roswell, Lethal Weapon Series).


Thanks to Joan’s ridiculous expectations of romance due to her career, I googled more versions of ‘sexy food’ and ‘most romantic meal ever’ than i’d care to admit and yes, there were a lot of clams.  Gross!

Entrée:  Most everyone seems to agree that fondue is very romantic/sexy.  If you have Vegan Artisan Cheese, Miyoko has a recipe using the cheeses in her book.  Dip whatever you want in there!

Dessert:  Ignite the flames of passion with this spicy mexican chocolate cake. Or unbutton your pants and pass out in a delightful, carby food coma.  Whichever works best for you!


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