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VeganMoFo: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

We’re following Kathleen Turner from Romancing the Stone into her role as the speaking voice of Jessica Rabbit (the singing was done by Amy Iriving, aka Sue Snell from Carrie).  Many of Kathleen’s roles have worked her deep, sultry voice into the plot so she was a no-brainer choice for the most ridiculous sexpot of all time.  This movie is also directed by Robert Zemeckis, so it’s like a double crossover!


Who Framed Roger Rabbit is just as funny and entertaining as it was when I was a kid.  Unlike a lot of 80’s special effects, toons hold up extremely well!  Okay, time to pretend that someone reading this hasn’t seen it (I guess if you’re pretty young there’s a chance that you haven’t).

It’s the 1940’s, and toons are real!  They act in cartoons just like humans act in human movies.  Humans and toons get along great, until…someone frames a loveable rabbit for murder.  Then shit starts going south.  There’s some guy named Judge Doom (gee, you think he’s a bad guy?) who wants to dip all of the bad toons in…Dip, which is like acid for toons.  Roger manages to attach himself to a private detective who loves drinking and has the opposite feeling about toons.  Obviously there are some bumps along the way, and a lot of wacky hijinks because it’s half cartoon, but it will probably be okay in the end.

Even though the movie is rated PG, Judge Doom scares the paaaaaaaaaaants off of me, to this day.  Specifically this scene.  I try to tell myself that it’s because Christopher Lloyd is such a wonderful actor and not because i’m a huge baby.  But you know who the best characters in the movies are?


Aw yeah, look at those fly motherlovers.  The hyenas from The Lion King wish they were that cool and funny.

Starring Bob Hoskins (Mermaids, Hook), the aforementioned Kathleen Turner, Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future, Clue), Joanna Cassidy (Body of Proof, Bladerunner), and Charles Fleischer (Rango, lots of other voice work).


Entree:  I actually had a surprising amount of trouble finding a savory carrot recipe that wasn’t just like, glazed carrots.  But look, a carrot cashew loaf!

Side:  The bar scenes with Roger are fantastic, and bar food is delightful, especially without all of the smoke and incredibly drunk people.  Bacon wrapped dates, anyone?

Dessert:  Hopefully no one will take blackmail photos of you while you eat these peppermint patty bars.  Alternately, you can make this peppermint patty cake.





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