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For those of you who are still interested in the first issue…

I gave a girl five copies for her distro several months ago and i’ve never heard anything back to her about selling them.  So if you want a copy, you can get it here.  If you do, let me know because I gave them to her for nothing (not even shipping) and i’d really like to see if she contacts me when she sells them all.

Also, I am having a crap day.  I went to the grocery store and when the cashier saw that I had chocolate chips, chocolate almond milk, a soda, a microwave dinner, and feminine pads he asked me if I was feeling okay.  I said no.

Then I came home and made cookies and I accidentally put too much baking soda in so they came out all puffy and I might have cried a little.  So I took a bath with a bath bomb  and read my copy of Papa Tofu.  Then I watched True Romance.  This is the girliest day i’ve had in a long time.

posted: December 2, 2007
under: deots, life

Zine related.

Hey guys, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but in the sidebar to the right there is a page called ‘zine FAQ’.  I put a link on the contact page and i’m hoping it’ll save all of us some time and trouble.

That said, if you have not gotten your magazine and it’s been two weeks since you ordered, please contact me.  If you kept the paypal confirmation email, the best thing to do is reply to that because then I immediately know who you are and when you ordered.  Also, before you ask me check and make sure your address is correct because that’s the first thing I will ask.  If you had me send it to an old address i’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about that.  If it was lost in the postal system, I will happily replace it.

Plus, if you haven’t received it I might have gotten it back.  I have two envelopes on my desk that were returned because of no forwarding address or what have you.  If I do get it back and you contact me, I will eat the cost of the stamp and re-send it to you.

posted: November 30, 2007
under: deots

Drumroll please.

I had to go to Kinkos tonight and get more copies made.  Because I sold the first 200 in about a week.


Then I came home and spent all night getting caught up.  And I ran out of envelopes.  Bloody hell. But!  I will roll out of bed in the morning, go to Walmart, and buy a small pack to get me through the rest of these orders so that everyone who has ordered in the last week will have theirs sent my tomorrow.

P.S.  Who wants to rub Icy Hot on my back?

posted: November 16, 2007
under: deots, life

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