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Peace out, 2011!

So here is the funny thing about 2011. I spent the first three months in a solid depression over Bonny, sleeping about four hours a night on average. I spent most of my summer inside, watching t.v., instead of riding my bike or paying proper attention to my garden. And the panic over the holidays set in and most of fall was shot. Sounds pretty shitty, right?

But. BUT.

When I was going back looking for posts, I found a lot of good things. I got to see three of my favorite artists, I blogged about Ted Leo and The Thermals, but did I mention that I went to see Wild Flag and I washed my hands next to Carrie Brownstein? If I hadn’t just gone to the bathroom, I would’ve peed myself. When Brian and I left the show, I kept clutching my newly bought shirt to my face and smile-screaming into it.

I had lots of fun with MoFo and my theme.

I made friends with a baby squirrel.

Brian and I made donuts, something i’ve always wanted to try.

I helped raise over $500 for Ride To Light, and the frustration only made me cry once. Or twice.

I put myself on a personal budget to buy a new computer and became obsessed with nail polish

Fawkes. He has come so far in just a few months, from a scared dog who didn’t even want to be held or play with toys to a chewing fiend who constantly wants to be rubbed. He is also a little shit who chewed the vacuum cord, escaped the back yard TWICE this weekend, and one of those times was to the neighbors yard, and he came back without his dapper sweater that makes him more visible at night. And we still can’t find it. Speaking of dogs, after two years of blood tests, medication, and playing with his diet, Chester’s liver levels FINALLY dropped and he lost three pounds. It was nice to have a vet visit that didn’t end with me wondering if his liver was about to shut down. I love my dogs, I love my cats, I love our little family.

And lastly…Brian and I started P90X! It’s EXTREEEEEEEME!!! fitness, six days a week. We just started week three (out of 12) and it is crazy. Google ‘I hate Tony Horton’ if you want to see what we’re putting up with. But I enjoy it overall, and after being sad all year I was glad to end 2011 feeling strong, productive, and working towards a goal. I am NOT on a diet. I do not have a goal to lose x amount of pounds. My goal is to complete P90X, and that’s it. I actually couldn’t be on a diet and effectively do P90X because of all of the strength training! I am eating lots of proteiny things and green smoothies so I am eating pretty good by default, minus the upcoming pictures. I will probably go into greater detail about the hilarity that is me trying to do a pushup at another time.

Onto New Year’s eats! Now, Brian and I don’t drink. We are also lame anti-social assholes, so we just stayed home and made pizza and Dr. Pepper floats, and I actually crawled into bed 20 minutes before midnight. I was just happy that I wasn’t ringing in the new year shivering on the couch, stricken with stomach flu and sadness like I was last year.

My pizza was another take on the Amy Deluxe/Supreme, basically all I did was put it on top of a pizza crust (using Upton’s italian seitan), sprinkled with Daiya. Brian’s pizza was the rest of the Upton’s, mushrooms, and Daiya. Then before midnight, we assembled what I thought was the genius idea of Dr. Pepper floats with cherries. Don’t do this! The ice cream kills the DP flavor, making it taste like plain soda water. Also, it made me feel like shit the next day! I should’ve just drank my celebratory Dr. Pepper and called it good. Lesson learned.

For brunch on New Years day, we made biscuits and gravy, adding mashed up black eyed peas to the gravy and I put steamed kale with mine for color and vitamins and what not. And I drank a lot of water. A LOT.

And here is my mix of my favorite songs from 2011 (that came out this year, I listened to this song a few hundred times and let’s not talk about all of the Ke$ha). Also judging by this year’s album collage, almost every single band/artist I like that is still making music/not dead came out with an album this year! So next year is probably going to be a boring year for music.

posted: January 2, 2012
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Raffle winners, come get some!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated, or even shared the link.  The total amount of new donations raised was $545.86.  Of course I wish it was more, but last week as I lay on the couch crying and watching Jersey Shore and feeling like a failure, I thought, “Well, as long as I get $500, I can live with that.”  So thanks!

Raising money is really really hard.  I have so much respect for people who do this all the time, it can beat a person down.  I thought that offering prizes would mean people would fall all over themselves to give, but if people didn’t care to donate already, you can’t make them care.  I also know a lot of people are broke, last summer I had zero extra income to give to Farm Sanctuary walks, and I felt so guilty.  Which is silly, because it’s not like I was broke because I was spending it on blow and hookers, we were just on a ridiculously small income.  There’s always next year.

Okay, onto the winners!

If you are curious, I made a spreadsheet with everyone’s name, and they got a row for each of their $5.  I also forgot that First Giving lets you add a little bit to cover the fees of the charity, so in that case I rounded up, so if you donated $10.77, you got three entries instead of two.  And then I made a list of the prizes, went over to random.org and went to town!

I will be emailing the winners, cc’d to the prize givers, shortly.

Herbivore gift certificate:  Kali G!

Herbivore t-shirt: Miles S!

Herbivore cross necklace:  Megan B!

Book from Celine and Joni:  Shannon L!

Art prints from Amanda:  Joceyln K!

Liz Lovely cookies:  Amanda S!

Teeny Tiny Tantrums pins:  Diana J!


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Raffle extension and VeganMoFo V!

Yesterday after I had passed the link out to a few people, I realized that my site was down.  So I was sending them to…nothing!  Since I was down for about 24 hours, i’m extending the deadline until tomorrow.  So you have another day to convince yourself and/or others that prizes are awesome and they’re even better when you get them for giving to charity.  Or you could go chip in to fund someone’s vacation on Kickstarter, I hear that’s big.

I would also like to point out that, even if you aren’t interested in entering yourself, or are broke, you can still tweet the link or share it on your facebook.  If 20 people did that, and 10 new people donated just $5 because of that, the animals are $500 better off than they were before.  Activism can be small things, too!

In other exciting news, Vegan Month of Food is just a few weeks away.  I’m excited to be a part of the round-up squad this year, emailing companies for giveaways and having them reply so enthusiastically is awesome.  There are already some great prizes lined up, even though i’m not eligible to win them i’m stoked for all of the potential winners!

If you’re like me and had to watch from your computer as hundreds of people came together at Vida Vegan Con, this is your chance to join in on some vegan community, huggy-wuggy fun.  This is my fifth MoFo, I have a theme that is obvious but i’m going to put a lot of effort into making it awesome.  If you’re lost or maybe hesitant to participate, go check out the brand new VeganMoFo website for a whole slew of links to follow.  If you have a question, you can hit us up on twitter and there’s a good chance I will be the one to answer it.  Every time someone tweets at us that they are excited for MoFo, my tiny, black heart flutters.

posted: September 16, 2011
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