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Peace out, 2011!

So here is the funny thing about 2011. I spent the first three months in a solid depression over Bonny, sleeping about four hours a night on average. I spent most of my summer inside, watching t.v., instead of riding my bike or paying proper attention to my garden. And the panic over the holidays set in and most of fall was shot. Sounds pretty shitty, right?

But. BUT.

When I was going back looking for posts, I found a lot of good things. I got to see three of my favorite artists, I blogged about Ted Leo and The Thermals, but did I mention that I went to see Wild Flag and I washed my hands next to Carrie Brownstein? If I hadn’t just gone to the bathroom, I would’ve peed myself. When Brian and I left the show, I kept clutching my newly bought shirt to my face and smile-screaming into it.

I had lots of fun with MoFo and my theme.

I made friends with a baby squirrel.

Brian and I made donuts, something i’ve always wanted to try.

I helped raise over $500 for Ride To Light, and the frustration only made me cry once. Or twice.

I put myself on a personal budget to buy a new computer and became obsessed with nail polish

Fawkes. He has come so far in just a few months, from a scared dog who didn’t even want to be held or play with toys to a chewing fiend who constantly wants to be rubbed. He is also a little shit who chewed the vacuum cord, escaped the back yard TWICE this weekend, and one of those times was to the neighbors yard, and he came back without his dapper sweater that makes him more visible at night. And we still can’t find it. Speaking of dogs, after two years of blood tests, medication, and playing with his diet, Chester’s liver levels FINALLY dropped and he lost three pounds. It was nice to have a vet visit that didn’t end with me wondering if his liver was about to shut down. I love my dogs, I love my cats, I love our little family.

And lastly…Brian and I started P90X! It’s EXTREEEEEEEME!!! fitness, six days a week. We just started week three (out of 12) and it is crazy. Google ‘I hate Tony Horton’ if you want to see what we’re putting up with. But I enjoy it overall, and after being sad all year I was glad to end 2011 feeling strong, productive, and working towards a goal. I am NOT on a diet. I do not have a goal to lose x amount of pounds. My goal is to complete P90X, and that’s it. I actually couldn’t be on a diet and effectively do P90X because of all of the strength training! I am eating lots of proteiny things and green smoothies so I am eating pretty good by default, minus the upcoming pictures. I will probably go into greater detail about the hilarity that is me trying to do a pushup at another time.

Onto New Year’s eats! Now, Brian and I don’t drink. We are also lame anti-social assholes, so we just stayed home and made pizza and Dr. Pepper floats, and I actually crawled into bed 20 minutes before midnight. I was just happy that I wasn’t ringing in the new year shivering on the couch, stricken with stomach flu and sadness like I was last year.

My pizza was another take on the Amy Deluxe/Supreme, basically all I did was put it on top of a pizza crust (using Upton’s italian seitan), sprinkled with Daiya. Brian’s pizza was the rest of the Upton’s, mushrooms, and Daiya. Then before midnight, we assembled what I thought was the genius idea of Dr. Pepper floats with cherries. Don’t do this! The ice cream kills the DP flavor, making it taste like plain soda water. Also, it made me feel like shit the next day! I should’ve just drank my celebratory Dr. Pepper and called it good. Lesson learned.

For brunch on New Years day, we made biscuits and gravy, adding mashed up black eyed peas to the gravy and I put steamed kale with mine for color and vitamins and what not. And I drank a lot of water. A LOT.

And here is my mix of my favorite songs from 2011 (that came out this year, I listened to this song a few hundred times and let’s not talk about all of the Ke$ha). Also judging by this year’s album collage, almost every single band/artist I like that is still making music/not dead came out with an album this year! So next year is probably going to be a boring year for music.

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What did your Christmas look like?

I think this photo sums up ours pretty well.

That’s my sister-in-law with her two dogs, Fawkes, and Chester.

We managed to have a really nice Christmas this year. Obviously, Brian and I had a bad one last year and the memory of Christmas is a blur of misery. Combine that with my sister-in-law getting a divorce, and I think we were all determined to bring the awesome. I got my tree and pulled out my ornaments (I buy 50% off nerdy Hallmark ornaments the day after Christmas every year, they make me giggle). We do our festivities on Christmas Eve because we do the day itself at grandma’s, so I made a nice dinner that we all enjoyed, we opened presents, and Lauri and I painted our nails while watching a great Christmas movie: Die Hard. We were supposed to make cookies but we never got up, and the only vegan things at grandma’s are the leftovers I bring with me, so I managed to not go into a sugar coma this year! Purely out of laziness, though.

I really liked all of my gifts this year. The first thing I got was two days before Christmas. I almost cried when I opened a package to find cookies, chocolate, a Lunabar, and these ornaments from Panda With Cookie.

And here is my horrible photo of dinner, stuffed tofurkey roast, potatoes and gravy, steamed veggies, Joanna’s butternut squash lasagna, and wheat rolls.

I did not get a single non-vegan thing this year (well, except an Urban Decay primer potion set from Lauri, but she graciously took it back to use herself)! My father-in-law got me a cowl from Treewool Knits and the Spork-Fed cookbook. My sister-in-law and I both put a ton of larabars in each others stockings. Oh, vegans and the people who love them. Brian had bought me a bunch of stuff to upgrade my computer so we could play Dead Island together, and he made me wait until Christmas to install them. So he did that, and we played and either by random fluke or our very bad in-game driving, I got incredibly nauseous, violently threw up my whole dinner, and spent the rest of the night watching reruns of The Office and waiting for my nose to stop burning. And yet, it was still the best Christmas we’ve had in years!

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Birthdays, Drive-Ins, and Fawkes

Yes, I did just kind of make a Guy Fieri joke!

After being so busy with all things MoFo, it was nice to take a week off. I don’t have to answer emails or post a bunch or think up ways to wax nostalgic about certain products for giveaways! But I really did enjoy working on the MoFo team, and I loved putting together giveaways for everyone because people love winning things. It doesn’t matter if you win $5 worth of stuff or $50 – winning things makes you feel good! Plus, you know, free shit.

During October I barely took any photos, which means I have very little backlog to share!

My birthday was the 27th, and for reasons I won’t go into, it was not something I wanted to deal with. It’s not a getting old thing, holidays in general send me into a panic attack just thinking about them, and a day that’s supposed to be about me? Vom. I just wanted to hide in my room and die, but my father-in-law MADE me open presents (I got a tofu press!). Hyperbole and a Half posted a new entry that was, funny enough, about being depressed. And despite my saying, “Stop trying to make a big deal out of it!”, Brian made me a cake. He ran out of room so there’s no ‘deal’ on it.

He showed me how the cake was broken, and obviously the ganache was too warm when he poured it…I almost fell over laughing. It was just what I needed, and it was delicious! Chocolate covered chocolate with chocolate chips.

Halfway through the month, Brian found out that the drive-in was showing double features of horror/Halloweenie movies every weekend (we missed the first weekend and Brian is pissed, Alien and The Thing). The first one we went to was a Freddy vs. Jason with House of 1000 Corpses. The very last weekend was Rocky Horror followed by Army of Darkness. I quickly found out it is pretty much impossible to Time Warp in a car seat. And yes, we froze our faces off even with a blanket and the engine running during intermission! But totally worth it.

We got our Teal Cat in the mail! I took its photo in the cat chair, a chair I paid $3 for at a charity rummage sale that the cats can claw to hell, and it’s draped with blankets because the chair is hard to vacuum fur off of.

This is our new dog, Fawkes. I have been looking at Petfinder for most of the year, but I didn’t actively start looking for a new dog until a few weeks ago. Brian had his eye on a Corgi, but she was adopted by the time we made it out to the pound. We met both dogs on Saturday at Petsmart, the corgi was sweet and not shy and seemed so perfect, I knew it would be likely that she would be adopted by the time we were able to get our application in. When we went into the store to buy pet food, I saw they had more dogs in the back. I recognized Fawkes from Petfinder and immediately went over and held him. Fawkes has quite the sob story, he and his dog friend were found tied to a pole in the alley behind his owners house. Yes, some dirtbag did that, and then didn’t bother bailing them out. So naturally he is kind of scared and not trusting, but he is so sweet and tiny. He currently only weighs six pounds, because not surprisingly, his former owners didn’t like to feed him (or bathe him or give him toys). He is all ribs under that fur! As soon as I held him, I felt it. My dog. Mineminemine.

We named him Fawkes for a few reasons:

1. Several people said that he looks like a black fox in his Petfinder photo.
2. We saw him at Petsmart on the 5th of November, which is Guy Fawkes day.
3. I am (non-romantically) in love with Wil Wheaton, so I am thrilled to have a dog with the same name as his character from The Guild.

We have to wait to give him a bath because he just got fixed, so pardon his greasy appearance. I can’t wait to pack some weight onto him and have him groomed.

Also yes, he is a yorkie/yorkie mix, that is just a coincidence. I was just like, “Hey dog, do you have emotional baggage? Cause if so, I have a motley crew for you to join!” And he responded by going limp in my arms and that was really the end of it all. He is totally chill with his new fur-family and even the cats (minus Genghis) aren’t bothered by the new addition.

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