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Birthdays, Drive-Ins, and Fawkes

Yes, I did just kind of make a Guy Fieri joke!

After being so busy with all things MoFo, it was nice to take a week off. I don’t have to answer emails or post a bunch or think up ways to wax nostalgic about certain products for giveaways! But I really did enjoy working on the MoFo team, and I loved putting together giveaways for everyone because people love winning things. It doesn’t matter if you win $5 worth of stuff or $50 – winning things makes you feel good! Plus, you know, free shit.

During October I barely took any photos, which means I have very little backlog to share!

My birthday was the 27th, and for reasons I won’t go into, it was not something I wanted to deal with. It’s not a getting old thing, holidays in general send me into a panic attack just thinking about them, and a day that’s supposed to be about me? Vom. I just wanted to hide in my room and die, but my father-in-law MADE me open presents (I got a tofu press!). Hyperbole and a Half posted a new entry that was, funny enough, about being depressed. And despite my saying, “Stop trying to make a big deal out of it!”, Brian made me a cake. He ran out of room so there’s no ‘deal’ on it.

He showed me how the cake was broken, and obviously the ganache was too warm when he poured it…I almost fell over laughing. It was just what I needed, and it was delicious! Chocolate covered chocolate with chocolate chips.

Halfway through the month, Brian found out that the drive-in was showing double features of horror/Halloweenie movies every weekend (we missed the first weekend and Brian is pissed, Alien and The Thing). The first one we went to was a Freddy vs. Jason with House of 1000 Corpses. The very last weekend was Rocky Horror followed by Army of Darkness. I quickly found out it is pretty much impossible to Time Warp in a car seat. And yes, we froze our faces off even with a blanket and the engine running during intermission! But totally worth it.

We got our Teal Cat in the mail! I took its photo in the cat chair, a chair I paid $3 for at a charity rummage sale that the cats can claw to hell, and it’s draped with blankets because the chair is hard to vacuum fur off of.

This is our new dog, Fawkes. I have been looking at Petfinder for most of the year, but I didn’t actively start looking for a new dog until a few weeks ago. Brian had his eye on a Corgi, but she was adopted by the time we made it out to the pound. We met both dogs on Saturday at Petsmart, the corgi was sweet and not shy and seemed so perfect, I knew it would be likely that she would be adopted by the time we were able to get our application in. When we went into the store to buy pet food, I saw they had more dogs in the back. I recognized Fawkes from Petfinder and immediately went over and held him. Fawkes has quite the sob story, he and his dog friend were found tied to a pole in the alley behind his owners house. Yes, some dirtbag did that, and then didn’t bother bailing them out. So naturally he is kind of scared and not trusting, but he is so sweet and tiny. He currently only weighs six pounds, because not surprisingly, his former owners didn’t like to feed him (or bathe him or give him toys). He is all ribs under that fur! As soon as I held him, I felt it. My dog. Mineminemine.

We named him Fawkes for a few reasons:

1. Several people said that he looks like a black fox in his Petfinder photo.
2. We saw him at Petsmart on the 5th of November, which is Guy Fawkes day.
3. I am (non-romantically) in love with Wil Wheaton, so I am thrilled to have a dog with the same name as his character from The Guild.

We have to wait to give him a bath because he just got fixed, so pardon his greasy appearance. I can’t wait to pack some weight onto him and have him groomed.

Also yes, he is a yorkie/yorkie mix, that is just a coincidence. I was just like, “Hey dog, do you have emotional baggage? Cause if so, I have a motley crew for you to join!” And he responded by going limp in my arms and that was really the end of it all. He is totally chill with his new fur-family and even the cats (minus Genghis) aren’t bothered by the new addition.

posted: November 7, 2011
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I will collect you and capture you.

One of the things I love about the internet is that it’s so easy to connect with people who have the same interests as you.  In real life, almost every hobby or interest i’ve picked up in the last few years, someone has told me it’s stupid.  Hula hooping is stupid, blogging is stupid, twitter is stupid, where I like to shop is stupid.  I don’t know why people concern themselves so much with how other people spend their free time.  I’m saying this because my new hobby is completely frivolous and i’m sure, is “stupid”.

I think it started when I got my new computer.  My laptop had been an asshole since I got it, so I wasn’t surprised when it started its death rattle a few months ago (and funnily enough, the laptop it was supposed to replace still works, but runs at about 500 degrees).  I decided I was sick of laptops, I wanted more space and to be able to play real computer games.  I made a budget to save from each paycheck, cashed in almost $200 worth of loose change, and five weeks later…


So since i’m no longer using a laptop all the time, I need something to do while I watch tv.  This is 2011, who single tasks?  And then I started creeping on the nail polish thread on the ppk.  I haven’t painted my nails at all in years, my toenails get the occasional shot of blue in the summer.  I was under the impression that most nail polish isn’t vegan, but the exact opposite is true!  Sally Hansen and some other companies test, and some put carmine in their reds, but other than that it’s just a big slushie of chemicals (some worse than others).  I tried a few Wet n’ Wild shades, but the smell and the quality quickly drove me into the arms of other brands.  Especially when Walgreens had a week where Sinful Colors was on sale for $1.


AND THEN I stupidly decided that it was okay to go to Ulta, to look at ORLY polishes.  I couldn’t remember why I wanted to look at them, but I did.  And then I saw a polish to end all nail polishes.  It is so awesome that when I found out that it was $3 more than the rest of the ORLY polishes because it’s a special collection, I didn’t care.  I want to be buried in this nail polish.  I am not kidding, if I go to my grave without Space Cadet on my nails, I will haunt the shit out of everyone I know.

(This picture is from Let Them Have Polish because my attempts to capture it were weak at best.)

So there you go, that is the stupid thing I do now while watching my stupid tv shows that I find stupidly calming.  The only downside is that now i’m concerned about the state of my nails, instead of just cutting them really short every two weeks.


posted: September 27, 2011
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Have you seen this dog?

If the answer is yes, quit peepin’ in my windows, dude!

So this is Lily, my father-in-law’s new dog.  If you think she looks a lot like Abby, it’s because they are the same kind of dog.  Lily came from a shelter in a nearby town.  From what we can piece together, she was definitely bred, kept outside most of the time (she has such rough paws), and was never taught a damn thing.  She’s six years old and not in the least bit housebroken (we’re working on it) and I had to teach her how to sit.  She kept peeing on the bricks, which is something a dog has to be taught to do (gross, then your patio/whatever smells like dog pee!).  Despite all of that, she is incredibly cheerful and likes everyone and everything, even the cats, which is all that really matters.  She is supposedly six years old but she acts like a puppy.  She doesn’t know what toys are but thinks your hand is there to slobber all over.

She REALLY likes to lay on my bed and stare out of all of the windows (which is what she’s doing in the photo above), and since this is a sun room she has a pretty good view of squirrels, birds, and the people in the parking lot behind us.

Most of the time she actually looks like this:


posted: June 30, 2011
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