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Random things I am currently in love with:



I saw these nesting bowls in a catalog at work last week and nearly died.  So colorful and so orderly!  Sadly, they are too expensive for me to justify since I have measuring cups and bowls, but if I needed to rebuild my kitchen supplies I would totally plop down the money.  I also think it’s neat that two of the bowls are a sieve and a colander.



I recently went on a mini-cookbook splurge after doing some freelance work (stuffing thousands of cards into hundreds of tins), and one of the books I got was Joni and Celine‘s The Complete Guide To Vegan Substitutions.  I’m not much of a recipe follower, so I generally buy cookbooks that have pictures, a nice layout, and if I enjoy reading them and learn something, I consider it a worthy buy.  Half of the cookbooks I own, i’ve made five recipes or less from.  It’s just how I roll (lazy and bad at meal planning).  So when I bought this book, I thought i’d learn some stuff from reading through, but I didn’t expect to see the picture above and read the recipe for the Macadamia Brie (stage bottom right) and nearly pee myself with anticipation.  I haven’t made it yet, but it’s definitely on my to-do list.  Also this book is super cute and you should buy it immediately.


I found out about this band (Agent Ribbons) by internet stalking Girl In A Coma, found this video on youtube, and instantly fell in love. I dare you to not play that video a minimum of five times.

And a last minute addition, I just saw these on Whedonesque and I almost died:

I have never wanted to crossstitch so badly in my LIFE. The rest can be seen here.

posted: March 4, 2011
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2010: Bite me.

Here is my 2010 recap post.

It sucked.

The end!

Okay, not really the end.  Although I really don’t have much positive to say.  I got a dead dog for Christmas and the stomach flu for New Years Eve, and it kind of clouds my ability to remember anything about this year fondly.  But I was able to come up with a short list!

  • Gaining and keeping a job that suits my needs.  Does my boss make me mental?  Absolutely, but I love having a job that is low stress and allows me plenty of free time to do things at home.
  • Making lots and lots of hula hoops, and practicing a lot and getting from Suck to Average on the skills front.
  • I had a lovely summer, riding my bike and gardening and going to the Farmer’s Market.
  • Taking pictures of kitties at the shelter!  Um, we haven’t been called back on that in awhile and we’re not sure why, but since my partner is a professional photographer I don’t think quality was an issue.  It’s a shame because I will take photos of cats and play with them all day long.
  • My stomach flu was very short lived, and it saved me the trouble of making any silly resolutions to lose five pounds, because I already did.  Ta da!

I usually make an end of the year mix on 8tracks, but I was too sick/tired/sad to upload songs, so I cheated and got what I could off of youtube and made a playlist there.  Here it is if you want to listen to it, I put all of the real videos first and the ‘someone uploaded the song and threw a picture up’ videos at the end.

posted: January 3, 2011
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Vegan MoFo #17: Once Upon A Thanksgiving

Someone asked this on the ppk, and I thought it would make a good MoFo entry:  What did your family eat for Thanksgiving when you were growing up?  I’ve mentioned my parents lack of cooking skills in the past, so this list shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.  My memory is a little fuzzy and I have no idea what my parents are eating these days, but I can assume that the menu and the drunken screaming and crying are still holiday standards!

  • plate of tiny sweet pickles and canned black olives: I never ever ate these!
  • turkey: obviously when I became a vegetarian 17 years ago, I lost interest in the turkey.
  • mashed potatoes, instant if my mom thought my dad wasn’t looking: The years with instant potatoes were sad, but I ate them anyway.
  • sweet potatoes with marshmallows: Okay, apparently most people think this is gross and have never done it, but my family and extended family loved sweet potatoes with marshmallows roasted on top.  I’m sorry i’m disgusting!
  • canned cranberry sauce: I have never understood the appeal of this stuff.  I like dried cranberries, but cranberry sauce or juice, not so much.  And anything shaped like the can it came out of is a little off putting.
  • canned green beans: Green beans are pretty much the only vegetable that I think taste good canned, I will eat them happily.
  • canned corn: Canned corn is okay, I think frozen is a little less gross.
  • stovetop stuffing: I’m pretty sure you could stuff a baby and i’d eat it.  (Not really, please don’t hide your babies from me.)
  • frozen rolls: I can’t remember the brand, but I can smell them like it was yesterday.  And lightly dry heave.  I love bread, so if a roll is able to make me feel ill, it must’ve tasted funny.
  • storebought pumpkin pie: Dry crust that had to be removed before eating.  With Cool Whip.  I think Cool Whip tastes like soap and I always have.

As you can see, there was no signature family dish, nothing special, and nothing worth holding onto because it all came from a can or a box.  I’m envious of people who have a plethora of family favorites to veganize, but at least I get to eat my own food now and no one tries to make me clean my room on a holiday.

posted: November 22, 2010
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