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Whole Soy is back!


The re-emergence of Whole Soy is hands down the greatest vegan triumph of 2014.  Yes, the year is less than half over and Earth Balance cheddar crackers blah blah blah, but YOU GUYS.  The Great Vegan Yogurt Drought is over.

If you aren’t a yogurt person you probably don’t get what the big deal is or maybe you didn’t even notice the drought.  In early 2013, we suffered several losses.

1.  Silk changed their yogurt formula from one that was pretty comparable to whole Soy, to two flavors of almond yogurt and two flavors of over-sweet, disgusting soy called ‘fruity and creamy’.  And then they ditched the almond yogurt, which I did like.

2.  Amande almond yogurt went out of production, and their attempt to start back up in another facility was put to a stop due to allergen concerns by the production plant, and not a peep has been heard from them since that announcement.

3.  Whole Soy ran into production issues at the same time that Amande did.

So we were left with So Delicious and their coconut and almond yogurts, which can be kind of pricey depending on where you get them.  I’d also seen Almond Dream in health food stores far away from my house.  Here, I can get Silk and three flavors of So Delicious coconut.  Both are a fair price and the So Delicious tastes okay, but not good enough that I want to eat it every day like I used to.  I would occasionally check the Whole Soy facebook page for updates, or sing Taylor Dane to myself while wistfully staring into my fridge.

When Whole Soy started reappearing last month, a lot of people reported getting some very chalky cups of certain flavors, mostly lime and lemon.  So I was a little wary, until I actually found them in a health food store.  I squeaked and swept the shelves into my basket – I bought something like sixteen cups.  And every time I go near a health food store I buy at least ten to last me until my next run.  So i’ve eaten a few dozen cups in the last month and i’m happy to say that I have yet to get a bad tasting/chalky cup.  I did get one cup of lime that was crazy thick, but it still tasted okay.  And some seem to naturally be more watery, like the strawberry.  I’ve tried all of the flavors except lemon, plain, and raspberry.  Maybe it’s luck, maybe they sorted out their issues by the time the yogurt made it to the midwest, either way it’s worth it to take a chance.

Or, if you cannot find Whole Soy at all where you live, apparently O’Soy (Stonyfield Farms’ soy yogurt) is now certified vegan!  Before, they were growing it on dairy cultures which is not vegan, and gross and weird.  And oddly, I can’t find it here either!  I remember O’Soy being incredibly sweet, so if I had the option I would still pick Whole Soy.  But it’s great to even have OPTIONS again.



P.S.  I know I haven’t blogged in almost six months.  For the past 3-4 of those months I debated making a very personal post about how I was incredibly depressed for a lot of 2012-early 2013 (and why, and why i’m a lot better now) but I wasn’t sure if I should, so I kept putting off posting anything and then finally I said to myself, “Self, you are ridiculous. You can handle a blog post about yogurt.”  If you actually do enjoy the words that I make with my keyboard, I recommend following me on twitter (as opposed to following someone else, right?) because it’s the only thing I can handle keeping up-to-date.

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Tradition, tradition! Tradition!

I love traditions. I love the idea of doing something only once a year to make it special, or making the day special by doing certain things on it, no matter if it goes with the holiday standards or not. Having days in the calendar that are different from the other days make life worth living, in my opinion. If every day is the same then what do we have to look forward to? Besides the zombie apocalypse, I mean.

I didn’t grow up with a lot of traditions. I found out that there wasn’t a Santa Claus at the ripe old age of four, and it was all downhill from there. I’ve also mentioned before that besides angel food cake, which has yet to be veganized, there aren’t really any childhood recipes I have fond memories of. So as an adult, I have to start my own traditions from scratch and take inspiration from my friends and the family i’ve created.

A few years ago, Brian and I decided to watch Die Hard on Christmas Eve on a whim. It was a great night, we opened our presents and his sister and I painted our nails and we had a nice dinner. Last year, we watched Gremlins. This year, we switched our present opening to Christmas afternoon (everyone goes to grandma’s on Christmas morning) so on the eve, Brian and I watched Batman Returns and ate pancakes because they’re easy. Not-Christmasy Christmas movies and pancakes are definitely something I want to keep up, because Christmas is a big source of stress for me and it’s nice to have something purposely lazy to look forward to.

A couple of years ago, I blogged about Amy Deluxe/Supreme, which is macaroni and cheese with wing sauce (wings optional, must have Dr. Pepper to make it authentic). Somehow, it turned into my traditional NYE meal, I think last year I even went out and got a gas station Dr. Pepper (which is the best kind, we agreed) and tweeted a picture to Amy. It’s just something that I really like but don’t make very often because Brian doesn’t like wing sauce because he is a monster.

Amy died suddenly this summer, from a pulmonary embolism. We only knew each other through the internet, but she was a cool fucking lady. We met as moderators on the PPK forums, and chatted on AIM before facebook made instant messaging obsolete. Amy was the kind of person who would always tell you what you needed to hear, not what you wanted. If you said something stupid, she would tell you. If you had a problem, she would listen. She was a true friend to those who were lucky to know her, and an amazing teacher to her students. She was just overall an awesome human being, and her passing was truly a loss to anyone who crossed her path. I miss her funny tweets, her dog pictures, and excitedly talking about nail polish on the PPK. Thanks Amy, for being awesome and for giving me this tasty tradition to look forward to every year.

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Poor Man’s Cashew Cream/Sauce

It’s been a long time since I posted a half-assed recipe.

I first made this years ago, before we had a ton of fake cheeses and I needed to use up half a pack of silken tofu. It came out great and was what won Brian over to the side of vegan pizza so we don’t have to make two. But then all of the vegan cheeses came and we got lazy. Since Isa is being paid off by the cashew lobbyists and cashew cream is everywhere right now, I made it the other night for the first time in a long time so I could pass it along because cashews are expensive and raw cashews can be hard to find, so make those suckers stretch!

One thing to keep in mind is that you kind of need the nooch to cover the silken tofu flavor – I don’t really like the taste of silken tofu so I can’t imagine using this without nooch in it, so if you don’t like nooch or want something that’s just like blended cashews + water only, take a pass. But it makes a great alfredo-y type sauce and is really good on pizza!

3/4-1 c soaked and drained cashews (I was using up leftover soaked cashews and I had slightly over 3/4ths)
1/4th a cup almond milk, or enough to blend the cashews up
1 pack of silken tofu, the shelf stable size
2-3 tablespoons of nooch
salt to taste
optional for you, but always for me: half a ton of black pepper, 1 tsp garlic powder (or more if you want), a couple of shakes of thyme (cumin and red pepper flakes if you want something spicy)

Blend the cashews and the almond milk, then add the rest and blend. Heat in a pot on the stovetop over medium heat stirring so it doesn’t stick to the bottom. I should thicken up in 5-10 minutes. Taste for your desired level of saltiness. Use it how you will. If you use it for pizza, the top will get yellow-ish and dry out a little, but underneath it will be creamy goodness. When I put it on pizza I just use a silicone spatula spoon to plop down blobs and then gently spread it.

The amount made will thickly cover one large pizza with leftover sauce, so i’d say you could easily cover two medium sized pizzas.

This is how it looks on the spatula after it’s cooked, it will still drip but as you can tell, it’s pretty thick:

P.S. If you are like me, in a small town without a bulk bin in sight, raw cashews are probably impossible to find. I order this five pound bag from amazon, it’s a good price and you can freeze them. Or go on a cashew binge, whichever.

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