» My granola bar has a limpie. Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk!

My granola bar has a limpie.

This is what I ate today.


posted: 08 April 1
under: pictures

  • Are those Newman Os at the end??? They look so yummy. In fact, everything you ate looks yummy. What’s the first item? It looks like a strawberry-banana smoothie.

  • This is totally not related to your post AT ALL (thank god), but I couldn’t find your email address to just email you about this.

    Anyways, I have a horror flick for you that will make your toes curl (and your bajingo tighten in horror):


    Watch it with friends. You will need their moral support to make it through. (And also, it will be way more fun to be shouting OH MY GOD NO HA HA HA HA every five minutes if you have someone else around to shout it with you.)

  • You’re it!

  • All that food looks amazing.

    & as a side note, I just created my own food blog, and was just wondering if it would be ok to add you to my link list. Your blog is in my bookmarks and now I’m trying to transfer all the blogs in my bookmarks over to my link list. I just didn’t want to seem weird adding people to the links that I have never even talked to. 🙂

  • I want those tacos with a side of that sammich. What’s in it, by the way (the sandwich)?

  • I seriously looooove your blog. It’s the most visited website on my laptop.

  • mommy

    Wow! Fancy Schmancy!!

  • It’s been a month. You update less than I do!

  • amanda

    yea, and he has an excuse.

  • amanda

    love the new theme by the way- very summery.