» Have you seen this dog? Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk!

Have you seen this dog?

If the answer is yes, quit peepin’ in my windows, dude!

So this is Lily, my father-in-law’s new dog.  If you think she looks a lot like Abby, it’s because they are the same kind of dog.  Lily came from a shelter in a nearby town.  From what we can piece together, she was definitely bred, kept outside most of the time (she has such rough paws), and was never taught a damn thing.  She’s six years old and not in the least bit housebroken (we’re working on it) and I had to teach her how to sit.  She kept peeing on the bricks, which is something a dog has to be taught to do (gross, then your patio/whatever smells like dog pee!).  Despite all of that, she is incredibly cheerful and likes everyone and everything, even the cats, which is all that really matters.  She is supposedly six years old but she acts like a puppy.  She doesn’t know what toys are but thinks your hand is there to slobber all over.

She REALLY likes to lay on my bed and stare out of all of the windows (which is what she’s doing in the photo above), and since this is a sun room she has a pretty good view of squirrels, birds, and the people in the parking lot behind us.

Most of the time she actually looks like this:


posted: 11 June 30
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  • Such a cute little doggy! It’s great that she found a nice and happy home.

  • Shelter dogs make the BEST dogs. I adopted a 2 yr. old Yorkie from my girlfriend who basically kept the dog in a cage or tied to a clothesline in her backyard. The dog was not potty trained and soiled in her cage (where I initally kept her during the day while I was at work). The only way I could teach her to go outside was to keep her on a leash at all times in the house. I had to do that for several months, otherwise, she would revert, but it finally worked. Skittles will be 13 this Halloween. She tries to boss around my 3 y.o. black lab and 2 y.o. rottie/shepherd mix (both adopted from the Animal Welfare League). I’ll never get another dog any other way but adoption from a shelter. Glad your father-in-law gave that cute little doggie a second chance and a forever home. 🙂