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Taco Or Beer Challenge

I was tagged to the Taco Or Beer Challenge by Sal.  If you don’t know, it’s (obviously) a play on the ice bucket challenge but instead of doing something wasteful and not fun (and then giving money to an organization that utilizes worthless animal testing), you get to eat a taco and/or drink a beer and you give money to support women’s health and help enable women to make choices.  I went to Fund Abortion Now and went to their state list, and donated to Planned Parenthood of Illinois.  I did this while eating tempeh tacos with yellow pear tomatoes, salsa, and guac and drinking a bottle of ginger ale/beer and it was bomb.  Then I took a nap.

Some people argue that being pro-choice and being vegan are at odds with each other, and I obviously disagree.  Mostly because I don’t think the opposite of pro-choice is pro-life, it’s anti-choice.  How many people claim to be pro-life while eating meat, supporting the death penalty, hunting, etc.  I think that being vegan is as close to being truly pro-life as you can get, and just being vegan is a feminist act since the dairy industry is all about forcibly impregnating cows and taking their infants away, repeatedly.  I don’t think anyone should be forced to have a child.  I have never had an abortion, but I have taken the morning after pill and I am grateful that it was available when I needed it.

I am challenging my friend Lindsay to eat a taco and drink a beer, and anyone else who sees this and has some dollars to spare! This also inspired today’s movie post if you would like to check that out.

posted: September 7, 2014
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Food Porn Dump (sorry, that sounds gross)!

I took allergy medicine, which means all i’m fit to do is lay here and type. Wee! Here is some stuff i’ve eaten recently, and all of it was xgfx!


This is a bowl I made out of leftovers from breakfast-for-dinner…which I then ate for breakfast.  It’s made out of the omlettes from Vegan Brunch, roasted herbed potatoes, mushrooms and garlic, and gluten-free gravy (I think I used only millet flour for the thickener).



Jackfruit enchiladas, we used Melisser’s recipe for the jackfruit, then I was lazy and just used canned green sauce, Daiya, and Tofutti sour cream.  Can we talk about Tofutti sour cream for a minute?  I hadn’t bought a tub in at least three years, sour cream isn’t something I ever ate a lot, but I suddenly decided I wanted some.  And it is so gross!  Why is it so gross?  Was it always that gross or have my tastebuds just changed?



I am not a food waster though, so I found some things to hide the tofutti in, like these mashed sweet potatoes that are under the Mango BBQ Baked Beans from Appetite For Reduction.  The container is still in my fridge, not going bad because it’s like, 90% chemical, so i’ll probably use it for macaroni and cheez soon.


That’s really it for now, I kind of ate boring for the past few weeks, but I got my hands on some fun new products (like pepperjack Daiya!), so hopefully I will have some more food things to share soon.  Provided I don’t take allergy medicine for two weeks straight.  Flegh.

posted: April 26, 2011
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So much to say, so little motivation to say it.

I have a draft saved in WordPress that I wrote two weeks ago about how spring is here and awesome.  Oh, me-two-weeks-ago, you were so naive.  It was warm for about 2.5 days and then the temperatures tanked.  So instead of sharing warm weather pictures, let’s sit around in our sweaters and watch youtube videos!

There is this thing called Our Hit Parade, which is just super cool musicians covering popular songs.  I found this by stumbling across a vdieo of Kathleen Hanna telling a story about Kurt Cobain, stripping, and how Smells Like Teen Spirit haunts her.  It’s 10 minutes long, but I think it’s a neat story, and no matter if you think Kathleen is annoying or her music sucks, she tells a goody story and it’s pretty funny (P.S. I think Kathleen is the polar opposite of suck).

And then I watched this one.  I have never heard of Bridget Everett before this, and i’m not sure why she keeps flashing her pantyhosed crotch, but a) No Diggity is pretty much the best R&B song of the 90’s, and b) the Stereo MCs interlude fits really well, so i’m now pretty much in love with her.  Plus, she has huge knockers!

In exciting vegan news, a new site that is totally dedicated to being vegan and gluten-free (xgfx) just launched!  Kittee is kind of like the Kathleen Hanna of xgfx, so it totally ties in with the rest of this post.  So check this shit out.

posted: April 19, 2011
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