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Helpful Posts & Recipes

Mostly I make pointless posts, but every now and then I write about something that I think other people will find helpful.  So here’s a collection of slightly-more-import-posts.

Vegan In Illinois – all of my posts about eating vegan around central Illinois!  We don’t have a lot, but if you’re passing through I promise you won’t starve.

How to photograph food – this is a simple guide with just a few tips, no crazy lighting setup or SLR needed.

Mass-producing food – a list of foods that are easy to prepare in bulk, with links to recipes.

Thrifty vegan living – some tips on how to save money as a vegan grocery shopper.

Soup for dummies – a how-to guide to make up your own soup with whatever you have, no matter what your cooking skill level.


I don’t post recipes very often, and they’re usually more guides than strict instructions.  All recipes can be found in the ‘recipes’ category, but here are a few of the more popular ones.   Also, all of the Iron Chef ones contain a bunch of links to various recipes that participants made using the secret ingredient.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls   Blueberry Lemon Bread  Iron Chef – Pumpkin   Iron Chef – Quinoa  Iron Chef – Mashed Potatoes   Chipotle -style Burrito Bowls  Elvis Waffles  Amy Supreme