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I’m listening. With pie.

It’s way past 4th of July, but you’ll forgive me, right? We celebrated with pie. Lots of pie.

Pee-nut Buttah

Chocolate Peanut Butter, of course!

Banna Pudding Pie, recipe from Fat Free Vegan.

Banna Pudding Pie, recipe from Fat Free Vegan.

The previous two, with apple and blueberry pie.  I had to eat them all.  Or die trying.

The previous two, with apple and blueberry pie. I had to eat them all. Or die trying.

This amazing (vegan!) trifle was made by my friend Andria.  It has the pound cake from V-con, custard from a href=

Bonus trifle by my friend Andria, made with the pound cake from V-con, and this lemon custard recipe.

posted: July 29, 2008
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Did you not get your zine?

From the FAQ:

I didn’t get mine!

Two possibilities:

1. The address you have listed in your paypal account isn’t current. Double check before you pay, please! If I send a copy to your old address, I can’t be responsible for that, sorry.

2. Sometimes, the post office sucks and things get lost. If you are worried about your copy getting lost, delivery confirmation and/or insurance is available at extra cost.

No one has ever asked me for insurance or delivery confirmation.  I stopped offering to send out extra issues because people were emailing me after two weeks, and sometimes I would send them a new one and the original would show up anyway, and it costs me money.  Out of 1000 copies, i’ve had about 20-30 people tell me that they didn’t get their copy, and a few of those were people who had it sent to the wrong address.  Since I stopped sending out an extra issues a few months ago, maybe five people have emailed me about not getting them.  Three were like, “Damn, that sucks.”  The other two were not so nice.

Life is a kick in the balls sometimes.  We’re having a fence built, and there’s a stump in the way.  The guy that was going to remove it for $50-60, didn’t show up.  So we had to get some guy to do it at the last minute and he charged me $100.  I knew he was overcharging me just because he could but I didn’t have a whole lot of choice.  And hilariously enough, the guy who didn’t show up?  Called me an hour before the second guy showed up, after ignoring my calls for a week!

Also, last week paypal sent me a ‘reverse transaction’ email to let me know that they had taken $5 from my bank account.  When I called to ask what the hell that meant, they told me that one of my customers had used an empty bank account so they couldn’t get the funds from her.  Four months ago!  So instead of rejecting her payment, they bugged her for a few months and then took the money from me.  How fucked up is that?  But it’s part of their policy, and if I want to use their service I have to put up with it.

So if you didn’t get your zine and you really think that i’m ripping you off and that I sleep in a mattress stuffed with all of the dollar bills i’ve defrauded people out of, you can file a paypal dispute.  You have to file it within 45 days to get a refund, though.  Or you can email me and cuss me out, if it makes you feel better.  Or cuss me out here!

posted: March 26, 2008
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I guess I should post before the month is over.

I have no real excuse for not writing. Except that every time I thought that I should write an entry, I would think about all of the things I would have to talk about. And before I could type a single word, this novel of a blog post had formed in my head. And then I would curl into a ball and cry. So i’ve decided to stick one toe in.

Sometimes when I can’t sleep all night, I decide to go to the grocery store in the morning. I got out some cookbooks that haven’t seen much use, wrote down some recipe names along with the page number and ingredients I would need for the store*, and headed off. Things got a little fuzzy at this point. I came home and unloaded the groceries and promptly fell asleep.

I do some weird things when I shop after being awake for 20 or so hours. I awoke to find three dozen discounted bananas on my table, and three cartons of discounted Silk snog in the fridge. Now, I like bananas. And I like snog. But I am one person and that’s a damn lot of both! I’ve been taking pictures of my adventures in the banana diet. Those will come later.

Whew. Baby steps. Anyway, here is a picture of the beez after I gave her a ridiculously bad haircut. But I think she looks cute as hell so who cares if she has stray hairs and crooked lines.

*And then I lost or threw away the list and can’t remember half of the recipes that I bought stuff for.

P.S. Issue #2 is currently sold out until I feel like dealing with Kinkos. That means i’ve sold almost 1,000 zines since last summer. Fucking nuts, dude.

posted: January 28, 2008
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